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Ryan Reynolds Will Star In Highlander Remake

There can be only one… way for a film hack to begin this news post and that, friends, was it: yes, Summit Entertainment’s remake of ‘80s cult gloss-fest Highlander has at last selected its leading man, and lo, he’s that Ryan Reynolds chap.

With Juan Carlos Fresnadillo at the directorial helm and Reynolds installed in the role of Connor MacLeod, one of a secret tribe of immortals from the planet Zeist (they’re keeping all that alien stuff, right?), this long-gestating remake of Highlander is finally gathering some momentum.

All eyes will likely next be on who is courted to take the other pivotal roles, of the villainous Kurgen and MacLeod’s mentor, Obi-Wan Ramirez (originally played by the eminently imitable Sean Connery).

Reynolds was most recently spotted in Safe House, a watchable enough effort which repaired some of the damage done by The Change-Up and Green Lantern, and also saw him form an effective enough team-up with Denzel Washington.

Is that a partnership that could be reprised for Highlander, with Denzel taking the role of Ramirez? Hey, it’s casting no crazier than that of Connery…

Source: JoBlo

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  • prince said
  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    He does try hard, Ryan Reynolds, but he’s just one ‘something’ away from being a really likeable star, especially taking over an established franchise. He wasn’t completely satisfying as Green Lantern and he just doesn’t quite seem like the best pick for this.

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  • Jasonzilla said

    I’d rather see someone else. Reynolds is entertaining but not for this. He’s the guy though, so hopefully he does a good job.

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  • stevie boy said

    ok so ryan reynolds is in it but guys c’mon im scottish and even i can hear lamberts french accent in the oringonal and connery a legendary scot playing a spanish guy. just saying lol

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  • SeaVHfan said

    The “Original” Highlander movie is one of my all-time favorite movies, right up there with Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Thing, etc. It really bums me out that Hollywood feels the need to re-do every great movie that we all saw growing up, to be replaced with revamped versions that alter or completely change the storyline. If they spent as much time copying other people’s movies and focused on creating original storylines, then I would have more respect for them. This just stinks of a quick money-grab and a lack of originality.

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