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Gallery: Potential Villains For The Next Spider-Man

Who will be the villains in the next Amazing Spider-Man? Here’s a picture gallery of the options, with a short explanation of who they are. Some have already been used.

The villain line-up includes Mysterio, Black Cat, Electro, The Vulture, Man-Wolf, and many more.

Let us know in the comments who you think they’ll pick for the next Amazing Spider-Man movie. Or just tell us who you’d like to see.

Green Goblin

Next Amazing Spider-Man Villain

Norman Osborn is the amoral industrialist head of Oscorp and father of Peter’s best friend, Harry. When Osborn takes a serum to enhance his physical abilities and intellect it also drives him insane. Adopting a Halloween-themed appearance, and riding a bat-shaped ‘Goblin Glider’ he terrorises New York with an arsenal of high-tech weapons, notably grenade-like ‘Pumpkin Bombs’.


Next Amazing Spider-Man Villain

When Norman Osborn tests an incomplete version of his Goblin serum on an Oscorp employee it drives the man insane and transforms him into a red, demon-like being. Along with super strength and agility, he develops talons, fangs, glowing green eyes, and near impenetrable skin. Killing several people and blaming Osborn for his condition, Proto-Goblin harasses and attempts to murder his former boss.

Source: Wikipedia

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  • Jorden said

    These all seem pretty good. Except for Hammerhead. Too silly.

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    • Jake said

      I think Hammerhead will be good because he has guns and will be hard to defeat. I mean that it wouldn’t be dead by the 2nd punch of SPIDER-MAN.Lets say that Connors escapes prison. He finds a guy and re-makes his head. Now Connors will be back to lizard and than SPIDER-MAN’s side-kick will be the Black-cat. And then SPIDER-MAN fights Hammerhead because he will be harder. And the cat takes the lizard. And then the cat dies. And lizard is gonna activate a bomb to kill spidey. And SPIDER-MAN kills Hammerhead and stops the bomb and chokes lizard to death so that lizard is not on the 3rd episode. What do you think you guys?!?!?!

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  • Jdog said

    My guess is that they will stick with the cross genetics and create scorpion or the rhino. Maybe both

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  • David said

    I think Green Goblin and Mysterio in Spidey 2.

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  • Tarp said

    Many of the characters can easily serve as henchman to a bigger baddy (e.g., Rhino, Shocker, etc.). It seems like they’ve set it up for Green Goblin, however, they haven’t even introduced Harry. Also, the battle between Green Goblin and Spidey has certain consequences for Gwen Stacey. Perhaps they will end the trilogy with Green Goblin.

    Personally, I think they could do more “cross genetics” experiments and you can get Rhino, and Scorpion. They might rewrite the story a bit and get the Vulture, who could be the big baddy. What’s Spiderman without a mad scientist or two running around.

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  • rodger said

    i think for the second movie they should have Kingpin break connors out of jail and create the scorpion to fight spidey and return the lizard

    Or they have venom and carnage come and the lizard helps spidey
    like spiderman 3

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  • Jasonzilla said

    First I think (hope) there are the obvious ones we won’t see. You won’t have characters like Carnage or Hobgoblin without Venom or Green Goblin first. I don’t know if they’d want to repeat Doc Ock, especially since he was done so well in the second Spiderman. Venom would be a good one to get to later. I like Sandman done right, The Vulture, Rhino, Mysterio or The Scorpion (if he’s done with another character; two green villains with tails back to back is a little much). Black Cat will be a side thing in a movie, like Cat Woman is in Batman.

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    • Jasonzilla said

      And if they do Goblin, they need to keep Emma Stone. She was very good in The Amazing Spiderman.

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  • Benmaru said

    Haven’t seen amazing spiderman….so cant say much…wait im sayin much already (sigh)

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  • J.D.W. said

    I think that thes villains would do, Rhino because of the whole mutation thing, or Scorpion, but you would need James Jameson to fill in the blanks.
    As for the main villain I suggest maybe..The Vulture because he has’nt been done, and he’s a mad scientist with a dangerous flight suit for his use, or Mysterio, because of his hologram progectors, or Electro, because of his power of electricity.

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  • winsbur said

    I Think addition of lady villains like shriek or calypso scorpion

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  • Z Ranger said

    Yes to Vulture, Electro and maybe Mysterio.

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  • Cardoso said


    Honestly, I think Marc Webb is trying something smarter for this one. And I’d like to see Green Goblin and Kingpin “team-up”. Here’s my suggestion of a nice and somewhat intelligent plot:

    1. Osborn becomes Green Goblin (obviously, if you’ve seen the last scene in the Amazing movie after the credits you know what I mean…)

    2. Kingpin is getting mad at Spidey because he’s always ruining his plans and putting his mob members in jail.

    3. Somehow, Kingpin and Osborn know each other (Kingpin has some money invested in Oscorp maybe? Seems perfectly plausible to me). And Kingpin muscles Osborn to get rid of Spidey so them both get even with their business. Of course, Osborn (G.Goblin) has some interest too in this because he wants to capture P.Parker, do to the fact that Osborn sees Spiderman as one of Oscorp’s “scientific breakthroughs”.

    4. On the other end of the plot, Gwen and P.Parker are starting to see each other but they don’t date as GF and BF. Meanwhile, Mary Jane (MJ) shows up at Peter’s door and introduces herself, although Peter doesn’t pay her much attention and so she lays low for the rest of the movie.

    5. Spidey starts to investigate Kingpin’s criminal records and does the math, revealing to the public the real criminal he is (through out the whole movie there are several battles between G.Goblin and Spidey/P.Parker, cause the G.Goblin knows spidey’s identity).

    6. Kingpin forces G.Goblin/Osborn to finish for good Spidey, and so he kidnaps Gwen who ends up being killed in the classic bridge scene from the comics.

    7. In an urge of fury and hunger for revenge Spidey tackles G.Goblin harder than ever, putting him in a near death state which gives him amnesia. P.Parker regrets his actions and puts Osborn in the hospital.

    8. Kingpin escapes to a foreign country in South America (just saying lol) to evade the public eye and “erase his name from History”.

    G.Goblin has amnesia for a possible come back
    Gwen is dead, leaving room for the new-comer MJ
    Spidey faces another death in his life, and this time a real big one

    So, tell me what you think, and sorry for the long post!

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    • Peter said

      in my opinion they could band up a couple of bad guys which would make it a bit more interesting..perhaps the rhino/scorpion, or even the chameleon perhaps, due to the cross genetics..heck maybe even michael morbius.. if the kingpin shows up, perhaps they should introduce his right hand scientist..allister smythe (i think that’s his name) ..one i would like to see back though is j.k. simmons as j.j. jameson.. i dont think anyone would fill that role like he did.. gwen is more than likely gonna die in the next movie..which could bring up the green goblin,..and since cross genetics was a big thing, why not probably introduce the animal hunter himself, kraven? then after credit scene in the amazing spiderman left it open to interpretation since they didnt show the face of dr. connor’s “visitor” although in my opinion, he sounded old, and the only reference to someone being old and dying in the movie was to norman osborne aka the green goblin.. either way, i was pleased with the movie..and i hope part 2 to be better. and by the way, ive heard rumors of disney buying the spiderman rights to include him in the avengers? true or not?

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    • Jasonzilla said

      Pretty good except for a couple of things. Peter wouldn’t have to search very much to find out the Kingpin is a criminal because it’s widely known throughout the Marvel Universe… and his name is” the Kingpin.”

      The Green Goblin always knew Peter was Spiderman, like Franco’s character in the first one. He wouldn’t need amnesia and it would make the following movies more interesting.

      And I’m not sure Betty is going to die yet. They ordered up a big name and Osborn could still send a couple of cronies after Peter first.

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      • Cardoso said

        Sorry Jasonzilla, you’re right, THE Kingpin…

        Sincerely I liked the thing in the old amazing comics when the G.Goblin knows Spidey’s identity but Osborn doesn’t. Because he is an ill man with a bipolar disorder who becomes mad and berserk for no apparent reason (I think the name “bipolar disorder” was never stated in the comics, but I think it is the best denomination for G.Goblin’s mental problem).

        I just wanted to see that in a movie, the mental transformation of the man in a mad monster.

        The amnesia part was just to follow the comics more strictly (yeah you must’ve onticed I’m a “comics’ conservative”)

        I still respect your opinion about The Kingpin’s criminal popularity, I was trying to just make a plot for a thriller kind of movie.

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  • The Captain said

    For me it’s one of two options:

    A) Venom in the next movie with shocker (sub-boss) because i heard in a interview that the guy that kills uncle Ben may play him in the next movie. They introduce JJJ and Eddie Brock when peter goes to find a job to pay for the college and is hired as a photographer like the TV show. They may introduce MJ to make the Peter and Gwen relationship shake a little and the third movie is the grand finale with green goblin and the death of Gwen and peter facing the “spider-man no more” dilemma.

    B) They put the goblin in the second and the Sinister Six in the third to end in epic style but i don’t think they can manage that so i go with option A.

    One thing is for sure, green goblin will show because of the final scene with Connors.

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  • steve k said

    The Jackal – good storyline there.
    Hammerhead – not a big character in the movie but someone to give the movie a little something extra.

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  • Jamie said

    I think they should put Dr. Octopus

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  • john said

    I think it will be cool to see new villans like the proto goblin or the freak really turned me on.The man- wolf be also a alternativ

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