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Top 10 Worst Sequels To Great Movies

We here at Movie-Moron have been closely watching the making of Raging Bull II (and yes, that’s a real thing and yes, it’s filming right now with William Forsythe as Jake LaMotta), from its long, laborious pre-production to the lawsuit from MGM and eventual re-naming to The Bronx Bull.

In honor of this soon-to-be masterpiece, we give you: The Top Ten WORST Sequels to Great Movies

10. Jaws: The Revenge

Worst Sequels To Good Movies
It tickles!

Even though Spielberg’s perfect original was followed by a forgettable sequel and an absolutely ridiculous 3-D installment, producers decided film goers hadn’t had enough of the Brody family saga and dreamed up the worst film conceit ever (until M. Night’s killer plants 20 years later): the shark’s family is stalking Chief Brody’s widow … across the planet. Worse than this nonsensical premise was the casting of an elderly woman as the lead in a horror/thriller. What followed was a ridiculous attempt at high seas horror that did nothing but smudge the career of Michael Caine.

Lowest point:

9. The NeverEnding Story III

Worst Sequels To Good Movies
See what happens when you always get lucky but never use protection?

Having no resemblance to the first two films, which were based on the original novel, this third installment stars that kid from Free Willy, who went on the play in a bunch of Los Angeles indie-bands before disappearing altogether. Often subtitled Escape from Fantasia, it comes from the mind of Jeff Lieberman writer of Squirm (better known as the second-to-last episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000) and its only claim to credibility is that it co-starred Jack Black.

Lowest Point:

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