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Top 10 Worst Sequels To Great Movies

We here at Movie-Moron have been closely watching the making of Raging Bull II (and yes, that’s a real thing and yes, it’s filming right now with William Forsythe as Jake LaMotta), from its long, laborious pre-production to the lawsuit from MGM and eventual re-naming to The Bronx Bull.

In honor of this soon-to-be masterpiece, we give you: The Top Ten WORST Sequels to Great Movies

10. Jaws: The Revenge

Worst Sequels To Good Movies
It tickles!

Even though Spielberg’s perfect original was followed by a forgettable sequel and an absolutely ridiculous 3-D installment, producers decided film goers hadn’t had enough of the Brody family saga and dreamed up the worst film conceit ever (until M. Night’s killer plants 20 years later): the shark’s family is stalking Chief Brody’s widow … across the planet. Worse than this nonsensical premise was the casting of an elderly woman as the lead in a horror/thriller. What followed was a ridiculous attempt at high seas horror that did nothing but smudge the career of Michael Caine.

Lowest point:

9. The NeverEnding Story III

Worst Sequels To Good Movies
See what happens when you always get lucky but never use protection?

Having no resemblance to the first two films, which were based on the original novel, this third installment stars that kid from Free Willy, who went on the play in a bunch of Los Angeles indie-bands before disappearing altogether. Often subtitled Escape from Fantasia, it comes from the mind of Jeff Lieberman writer of Squirm (better known as the second-to-last episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000) and its only claim to credibility is that it co-starred Jack Black.

Lowest Point:

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  • Sheridan Passell said

    Jaws: The Revenge creeped me out so much as a kid. I think it’s because it doesn’t quite make sense – that a shark would seek revenge in the Bahamas, that shots are missing, that it’s filmed in such an amateurish off-key way – it’s very much like a nightmare in that regard.

    …I’m not saying it isn’t a steaming pile of sh*t.

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  • G said

    I would of thought Ghostbusters 2 and the direct to dvd Lost Boys sequels would of been in there. But crappy sequels is a rich vein of material

    Thumb up 9 Thumb down 7

  • gd smith said

    Jaws;The Revenge just proves that Michael Caine can act in anything and make it entertaining. I especially love the end scene. The swimming pool water gently lapping against a painted grey sky as Hoagie and Helen stare meaningfully into each others eyes is a master stroke. Apart from anything else for the entire movie the sky was crystal clear.
    The greatest/strongest bad sequel ever made is The Exorcist II: The Heretic. That one is a mind boggler.

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  • Joe said

    Caddyshack II anyone?

    Thumb up 23 Thumb down 1

  • puppy-luv ( i love puppies) said

    you know…………..gremlins 1 was awesome but gremlins 2 sucked!

    Thumb up 6 Thumb down 17

  • frsw said

    JCVD’s Kickboxer suffers the same fate. Gawd awful sequals.

    Thumb up 3 Thumb down 3

  • E said

    Again… why is “Speed” good? Is it the cardboard acting of Keanu (just listen to him try to compliment her driving), the impossible things the bus does around corners and jumping without enough speed, then continues to work, etc…? Maybe if they remembered to make it a cartoon this film would have been alright. Of course it made money so that means it’s “good”. The sequel didn’t make it any worse.

    Thumb up 7 Thumb down 7

    • Sheridan Passell said

      Keanu was a bit wooden, but Speed is a good movie. Arnie was a bit wooden in all his movies but that doesn’t mean he didn’t make some action classics. Speed 2 was dull, lacked any charisma and was painfully miscalculated at the concept stage (a ‘speeding cruise liner’?).

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  • nope said

    Son of the mask was an insult to the original(movie). jim carey owned that role and I demand a re-remake with him in it!

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  • Jim said

    Crystal Skull destroyed Indy.

    For some reason they thought that Harrison Ford was too old to carry the film as the leading man and wanted to give him a son and wanted to find a young guy to carry the part of a ‘manly man’ but instead they wound up with Sheila Laboof.

    …who was adequate in Even Stevens and rather cute in Holes but too girly to be an action hero for Indy or Transformers.

    and now Indiana Jones is but a memory of what once was a great movie series.

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  • Doctor Nico said

    Sorry to say that you totally missed the point about Highlander 2. Of course MacLeod wasn’t born until 1500, he was sent into the future and REINCARNATED ! Immortals came from Zeist, a lost civilization in the past and banished at randoms points in the future, reincarnated with no memories of their future past. How does it ignore the 1st movie ? MacLeod made the shield precisely because of winning the prize at the end of Highlander 1, which made him both mortal and able to understand everyone thoughts, making him ubber intelligent. Actually it’s the only Highlander sequel that stays true to the original’s ending. The series and later films retconned the ending. It angers me that most of people didn’t understand the film and then claim that it was inconsistent, when it absolutely wasn’t !

    Thumb up 10 Thumb down 21

  • Doctor Nico said

    Oh and Ramirez resurrected with no explanation ? Really ? Were you sleeping in the beginning ? There’s a whole scene where Ramirez linked himself to Connor with a magical bound that can’t be broken, even by death and that if he wants him back he just have to call his name. It’s explained AND shown in the movie.

    Thumb up 7 Thumb down 14

    • Capt. Obvious said

      You do realize just how utterly ludicrous EVERY SINGLE plot point you listed is, right? Sorry, the movie was awful- and the original was excellent.

      Thumb up 18 Thumb down 3

  • Doctor Nico said

    The original is way better, sure. But I don’t see how it is ludicrous. Immortals come from the dawn of time, where they ruled the world and dominated mortals. Mortals and immortals who refuse their dictatorship are exiled in the future in random times, reborn as immortals, but only to be forced to fight other immortals. And only the survivor of this game could come back to his time. How is it more ludicrous than the whole point of the first movie ??? It’s just supernatural, a bit sci fi too. Yeah so what ?

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  • Michael Bagamery said

    The second Back to the Future was depressing, the second Ghostbusters and Crocodile Dundee each disappointing, and all three of those were hopelessly derivative … but the third Naked Gun doesn’t even try to jump over the bar, it listlessly drags its feet until it’s ten feet away and then charges headlong into it!

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  • LeNair Xavier said

    I like superhero movies, and “Superman III” was disappointing enough. So much so that my Mom never took the family to see “Superman IV”. We saw it on cable, and were all so disgusted. Glad the money didn’t get wasted on movie tickets, but appalled that our cable service aired the trash.

    As for “Batman and Robin”, this article has some of the story right. I remember the exact story of how Joel Schumacher chose George Clooney, as Schumacher told it himself in an interview at the time.

    Scumacher was on a flight reading a magazine. He did see George Clooney’s picture in that magazine, that much is correct. Schumacher then drew the Batman mask on Clooney’s face, and in Schumacher’s words, Clooney “looked faaaabulous”.

    I never forgot it since it was so stereotypical of a gay director. They cast using their head below the waist, and not the one above their neck. Hence why gay cinema stinks like it does. And I say this as a mostly gay bisexual, so this critique of Joel Schumacher is not homophobia talking. It’s reality.

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  • Matt Stevens said

    HIGHLANDER 2 is indeed the worst sequel of all time. I had wondered if this list would get it right. And you have.

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