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Director Tony Scott Jumps To Death From Bridge

Director Tony Scott Commits Suicide
Tragic news today that director Tony Scott, known for the likes of Top Gun, True Romance and Beverly Hills Cop II, has committed suicide. Eye-witnesses say he walked up and threw himself without hesitation from a notorious L.A. bridge. His body was recovered from the harbour three hours later. Police say there was a note left in his car.

Tony, 68, was the brother of Ridley Scott and the other key name in prolific production company Scott Free. In a steady career of 16 movies since 1983, his name didn’t stick to his successes like Ridley’s did – how many average folk can name the director of Top Gun, compared to Blade Runner? And Tony was responsible for other barn-stormers like the excellent Crimson Tide.

It’s also underappreciated just how visually influential Top Gun was. Along with Beverly Hills Cop it launched the Jerry Bruckheimer trademark action style which continues with enormous popularity to this day. It’s hard to imagine Michael Bay without Tony Scott.

Tony’s last release was runaway train flick Unstoppable. Amongst his projects in development was a remake of The Warriors and Top Gun 2.

2010 Unstoppable
2009 The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3
2006 Deja Vu
2005 Domino
2004 Man on Fire
2001 Spy Game
1998 Enemy of the State
1996 The Fan
1995 Crimson Tide
1993 True Romance
1991 The Last Boy Scout
1990 Days of Thunder
1990 Revenge
1987 Beverly Hills Cop II
1986 Top Gun
1983 The Hunger

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  • dnwilliams said

    Such terrible news.

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  • gd smith said

    Last Boy Scout, one my favourite action films. Tony Scott may influenced the look of a lot of modern movies, but his always had real style.
    RIP Tony Scott.

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  • MickGoode said

    There’s vefry few misses on that list of hit movies…. and I’m not even a huge fan. I could doubtlessly see however his stylistic flourishes influencing cinema in all manner of important and far off corners. A sad loss.

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