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New Hobbit Trailer

The Hobbit New Trailer
As the release of The Hobbit draws ever nearer – that is, the release of the first movie in what has now become The Hobbit Trilogy – anticipation mounts. Now we have a brand new trailer. I can’t decide if that makes the wait easier or that much more painful…check it out below.

It does a much better job than the previous trailer of selling the adventurous spirit of this new journey into Middle-Earth. The teaser was fairly grandiose and really sold the connection to the serious side of Lord of the Rings trilogy, here there’s a bit more fun and frolicking on display. It looks as though Peter Jackson hasn’t lost his touch.

An Unexpected Journey is released in the U.S. on 14th December, The Desolation of Smaug follows exactly one year later, and the final chapter, There and Back Again comes six months after that, in July 2014.

The main cast are present in the trailer but you may be interested to know that Benedict Cumberbatch will voice the dragon Smaug, Barry Humphries (aka Dame Edna Everage) will be the Great Goblin (ruler of the underground caverns in the Misty Mountains) and Elijah Wood, Orlando Bloom, Christopher Lee, and Ian Holm are all returning, in some capacity.

Hopefully this new series will live up to the legacy. Do you have a favorite part of The Lord of the Rings?

Source: io9

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    Looks solid.

    What is Gollum saying in that exchange?? I can only catch the first sentence.

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  • George Meladze said

    Looks very promising and exciting. Makes waiting more painful, in my opinion.

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  • dalmatianjaws said

    So. Bored.

    Same lame dwarf jokes from the trilogy. And SO MUCH LAME CGI … it looks like a cartoon. RED Epic was a bad, bad choice for a film that takes in an ancient land, way too sleek, way too clean.

    Could not be more bored by this, it feels so tacked on. Martin Freeman is the only possible reason to buy a ticket, and you can stream Sherlock on Netflix.

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  • gd smith said

    Well I for one am already looking forward to the gold box quadruple disc special edition blu ray with a never before seen 45 minutes of added contemplative trudging through woodland, 30 seconds of extra swordplay, 17 hours of behind the scenes footage and the isolated alternative soundtrack with a slightly more treble sound on the vocals.

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