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Morgan Spurlock Tackling One Direction Concert Movie

Morgan Spurlock Directing One Direction Concert Movie
Morgan Spurlock, creator of documentary Super Size Me, is to direct a behind-the-scenes concert movie about boy band One Direction.

The band placed third in the UK’s television music competition the X-Factor in 2010 and have gone on to take the world by storm with over 12 million albums, singles and videos selling worldwide.

The announcement to produce a concert film comes in the wake of a series of similar films, from Michael Jackson’s This Is It to Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never. Although critical response to these has been mixed at best, they have nevertheless been commercially successful, with This Is It grossing over $261 million worldwide. Alongside concert films, dance films such as Step Up Revolution have taken the box office by storm and they are undoubtedly popular with younger audiences.

What is surprising, however, is the decision of Spurlock as director. The political humourist is best known for his self-destructive commitment to the McDonald’s documentary Super Size Me, in which he ate nothing but McDonald’s meals three times a day. Super Size Me and his other films including The Greatest Film Ever Sold are entertaining, insightful views into modern American society. I can’t really imagine a One Direction film blending concert material and behind-the-scenes footage will be as thought-provoking as his other work, although Spurlock may be just the kind of director who can bring a higher level to the genre. Do you think this is just another way for One Direction to cash in on their ever-expanding popularity, or does Spurlock have something special up his sleeve?

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    When does Matt Cardle get his movie?

    I think Spurlock could potentially do something with the behind the scenes footage, if he’s allowed to be a bit subversive. The rapid rise to fame/teen fad phenomena certainly could be an interesting area. But if he plays it straight then it is a cop-out choice motivated by money.

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    • Thomas Winward said

      Absolutely. I can imagine there being a big dispute between Spurlock and the studio…Spurlock wanting to do something a little more interesting and the studio just wanting it to be straight forward.

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  • Kramer said

    I’m hoping his got something special up his sleeve and does something similar to Super Size Me.

    Listen to One Direction three times a day and you become musically retarded.

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