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Now You See Me – Trailer & Poster

Now You See Me Trailer
The first trailer for magician bank-robbing thriller Now You See Me has debuted online. Now you watch it, now you don’t. It’s up to you.

Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson (it’s a Zombieland reunion!), Isla Fisher and Dave Franco star as ‘The Horsemen’, four magicians known throughout the world for their elaborate, near-impossible tricks. In their most shocking stunt yet, the quartet transport millions in cash from a bank in Paris, right into the hands of their theatre audience. Soon The Horseman find themselves being pursued by an FBI Agent (Mark Ruffalo), who might just stop them before they pull off an even greater scam. Veterans Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine also co-star (it’s a Dark Knight reunion!)

With a strong cast and seemingly original story, Now You See Me could be a sleeper hit for summer 2013. However the teaser poster does boldly display ‘From the director of The Transporter and Clash of the Titans’, and that may not be anything to boast about.

Now You See Me Trailer

Now You See Me is released in the US on 7th June, and in the UK on the 21st.

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