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Writer Hired For Jumanji Remake

Jumanji Remake

The endless glut of remakes continues apace with the news that Columbia have hired Zach Helm as the writer for their upcoming Jumanji rehash.

Helm, best known for penning the surprisingly strong 2006 Will Ferrell vehicle Stranger Than Fiction, is no stranger to spinning a good yarn. That his obvious talents have been put to use on a film based on a film based on a book doesn’t entirely seem like good resource management, but if anyone can draw an interesting new angle on things he would seem to be the man for the job.

Both the 1981 book and subsequent 1995 film of Jumanji deal with an eponymous board game that sucks errant players into its internal, heightened-reality world of African jungles and 1800s big game hunters. Two children find the game, begin to play and inadvertently release a man who was trapped in this way decades earlier, as well as the many creatures he shared the jungle with. Together they must finish Jumanji and send its rampaging wildlife back from where it came.

As of yet no directors have been touted, but with a writer in place it seems likely that the ball will be rolling on that process in the near future. Until then, just roll the dice…

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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