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The Funniest Animated Gifs About Movies

Arnold Rave

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  • Mike said
  • Willy Wonka said


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  • straightroad14 said

    Lol! Love the Horn of Gondor one!

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  • Sir Collin said

    this is truly amazing.i can look at these all days

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  • kerozev said

    i watched them all f*cking epic!!!!!!! lol

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  • Kris Bishop said

    Van Damme Band is the funniest. I would like to see more of Bloodsport with a lengthy video with audio. I bet it would sound good mixed with the band “Deciples Of Annihilation (DOA)”.

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  • Jorgen Sundberg said

    where is the dancing Jean-Claude van Damne?!

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  • Sheridan Passell said
  • Gregori Shokhrin said

    @Adam Mason
    Actually if you have ever watched Robotech o5r Gundam you will now that they transform into three different settings. One of which is just a straight jet plane to a half jet plane half robot (so they can hold a gun) and then finally into a full fledged Gundam. Not to be an ass but I watched a lot of Robotech as a kid.


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  • garrett said

    where do you get these? how do I download them?

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  • Timotheus said

    Griffith your DEAD!!!

    I send that to everyone I know that appreciates JCVD… Freaking priceless!!!! sosososososo fun. Thank you GIF makers keep it up.

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  • eric said

    yea ; the bloodsport animation killed it- couldnt stop laughin -love it

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  • RyoHimura said

    @Blah, Actually the one on the left is not wing gundam, its God gundam (burning gundam) from the show G Gundam, and no it doesn’t “transform” really, just changes color to gold, as for the other ignorant comments, look up facts before you post…really guys.
    (psst by the way, they arent autobots..fail)

    P.S.: yes i am a nerd and i love it, if you dont thats your own problem.

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