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The Funniest Animated Gifs About Movies

Mo Naked Hoes

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  • Adam Mason said

    Those aren’t autobots! They’re Gundams!

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    Perhaps they also transform into autobots?

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  • Adam Mason said

    No. *Puts on nerdy glasses*.

    The Gundams are a franchise in Japan, coming from the Japanese love for giant robot animes (Mecha). They fight wars, with human pilots inside and do not transform.

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  • Han said

    lol ahnold. that’s amazing.

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  • Henrik said

    The gun gif is from a Swedish movie called Kops.

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  • Jamison said

    the shining one / willy wonka owned me.

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  • Daniel said

    lol that webcam one where the guy hits the girl, i watched it a couple of times…. its a terrible fake, hmm not even a believable one, she wouldnt go down that fast

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  • areeya said
  • Gilliam said

    Well to be fair the one on the left can transform. If that is the Gundam that I think it is. Not the Wing Zero but the one Heero piloted before that. Yea, I think I need a girlfriend as well.

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  • blah said

    Yeah the gundam on the left (Wing Gundam) can transform into some sort of aircraft. That show was pretty kick-ass

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  • greig said

    how do i download arnie rave?

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    • non nerds leave the net said

      you unplug your computer and send a letter through the post to someone who is either from the 80’s or later that has used a computer at least twice and ask them to post you the arnie pic

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      • Killaky said

        I pity you loser. You will die alone surrounded by anime. Whilst I own 4 sneaker stores and like cartoons. My life is all good URz will not even be a bleep on the map.

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  • Valhalla said

    its not the wing gundam. its god gundam from G gundam.

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  • Jake said

    that world war 2 thing with the clown, HILARIOUS!

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  • Rommell said

    aahahahahaha!! these are hilarious….
    was laughing my head off when i saw the van damme one!..

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  • Adam said

    what movie is the REMEMBER.gif from?

    plz help

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