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Funny Gifs 5

This 5th collection of funny gifs from all around the internet includes Godzilla, Borat, Ronald McDonald in Terminator 2 and a fat kid from Peter Pan eating a kitten.

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Dramatic Looks In Ronin

Imagenes Gifs Imagenes Gifs

Ronin Dramatic Looks
New Girl In Class
Ronald McDonald T2
Eating Kitten
Borat Cleans
Sparta Banana
Godzilla Flying Kick
Making An Entrance
Sparta Ice Hockey

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  • D said

    How To Make An Entrance (black and white, looks like WC fields in a postman’s uniform, throwing a punch) — what is that animated gif from?


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  • Fira said

    Hi all!
    Does anyone know which movie is the “soldiers” gif from?

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