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Top 10 Vampire Movies

Top 10 Best Vampire Movies - Good List -How hard can it be to compile a list of the top 10 best vampire movies ever made? Actually there are a lot to choose from – Dracula alone is the most frequently used character in cinema, featuring in over 170 movies.

Let’s start with one of them.

10. Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992)

“And this one is a giraffe …”

A brilliant attempt at a very flawed production, Francis Ford Coppola’s vampire opus alternates between awful and inspired. The casting is brilliant, save for Keanu Reeves, and the visuals are still unrivaled in vampire films. But the awkward demon r*pe and attempt to make the audience feel sorry for Dracula are completely ludicrous. Despite its flaws, the imagery will haunt you for years.

Anthony Hopkins desperately searches the fine print on his contract.

9. Shadow Of The Vampire (2000)

Willem Dafoe learns he has four hours of make-up ahead of him.

John Malkovich plays Murnau, the director of Nosferatu, arguably the greatest vampire film ever made (gee, I wonder how this list is going to end?). When he encounters production failures and investor trouble, Murnau travels to Transylvania and enlists the help of an actual vampire to finish his film. This satirical commentary on the film industry isn’t perfect, but the wry humor and commanding performance from Willem Dafoe (in a role he was reborn to play) make this a must watch.

I’m sorry about last night. Would you like a Mimosa?

8. The Lost Boys (1987)

Vampire Hunters. Career Slayers.

What happens when you take 80s icons Corey Feldman and Corey Haim and cast them in the same vampire movie?

Cinema. Gold.

From a simpler, gentler time before we figured out Jason Patrick couldn’t act, Lost Boys is less frightening than frighteningly fun, but the core premise of creating an undead Brat Pack is inspired.

Keifer Sutherland acts out in another Hollywood bar.

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