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Top 10 Vampire Movies

Top 10 Best Vampire Movies - Good List -How hard can it be to compile a list of the top 10 best vampire movies ever made? Actually there are a lot to choose from – Dracula alone is the most frequently used character in cinema, featuring in over 170 movies.

Let’s start with one of them.

10. Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992)

“And this one is a giraffe …”

A brilliant attempt at a very flawed production, Francis Ford Coppola’s vampire opus alternates between awful and inspired. The casting is brilliant, save for Keanu Reeves, and the visuals are still unrivaled in vampire films. But the awkward demon r*pe and attempt to make the audience feel sorry for Dracula are completely ludicrous. Despite its flaws, the imagery will haunt you for years.

Anthony Hopkins desperately searches the fine print on his contract.

9. Shadow Of The Vampire (2000)

Willem Dafoe learns he has four hours of make-up ahead of him.

John Malkovich plays Murnau, the director of Nosferatu, arguably the greatest vampire film ever made (gee, I wonder how this list is going to end?). When he encounters production failures and investor trouble, Murnau travels to Transylvania and enlists the help of an actual vampire to finish his film. This satirical commentary on the film industry isn’t perfect, but the wry humor and commanding performance from Willem Dafoe (in a role he was reborn to play) make this a must watch.

I’m sorry about last night. Would you like a Mimosa?

8. The Lost Boys (1987)

Vampire Hunters. Career Slayers.

What happens when you take 80s icons Corey Feldman and Corey Haim and cast them in the same vampire movie?

Cinema. Gold.

From a simpler, gentler time before we figured out Jason Patrick couldn’t act, Lost Boys is less frightening than frighteningly fun, but the core premise of creating an undead Brat Pack is inspired.

Keifer Sutherland acts out in another Hollywood bar.

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  • Billy said

    Horror of Dracula is the best Dracula movie ever made. The best vampire movie action is Underworld. Lost Boys is just fun. And Roddy McDowell in Fright Night was classic.

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  • Ter said

    you cant tell a girl twilight sucks but its all about the eye candy and the love story. Best vamp movies The Librarian: Curse of the Judas Chalice is prity decent.hehe

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  • Lai said

    The Underworld Series should be in the top list.

    *Underworld (2003)
    *Underworld: Evolution (2006)
    *Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans (2009) – Prequel
    *Underworld: Awakening (2012)

    Followed by these vampire films:

    Van Helsing
    Dracula 2000
    Interview With A Vampire
    From Dusk Till Dawn

    🙂 🙂 🙂

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  • Dheeksha said

    Ther’s a series on vampier’s called vampire daires see that u’ll enjoy lot it realy happend some where near russia itseems.

    why is twilight not in the list???

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  • Terry Craig said

    No one I think has mentioned “House of Dark Shadows” (skip the cheesy 2012 “Dark Shadows” remake!) Eerie Barnabas Collins, excluding the vampire romance part of it, plays a more monsterous vampire who drains the blood of anyone who discovers his secret, including family.
    Salem’s Lot deserves a higher rating. It delivers jump-in-your-seat moments as well as unnerving scences such as the undead vampire floating in the fog at a window, scraping the glass with finger nails (like on a chalk board), asking to be invited in or the rap of lifeless knuckles of a victim after being drained by a vampire. The Nosferatu-like main vampire with razor sharp teeth is excellent. No romance for this vamp! he “lives” for one purpose only – feeding.
    The original Nosferatu deserves first place first creepy monster and atmosphere.
    30 Days of Night deserves to make the list also.
    Twight kept me on the edge of my seat as halfway through the movie my body slumped down into a deep sleep dreaming of a REAL vampire, not Edward.
    Personally, I prefer the traditional old world living dead, just one evolutionary step from the mindlesss zombie. Yes, I want blood, gore and deaths in my vampire stories. I want a vamp that sleeps all day and stalks the night, (sometimes) fears the cross, dies by staking the heart (or incineration or beheading), sometimes can turn into a bat or wolf, etc.
    Romantic or comedic vampires have killed the fun of the rollercoaster ride of horror you experience with a good vampire story.
    Small bits of comedy in a horror movie are alright, as long as it’s NOT the vampire. Comedy and horror are oposite ends of the same stick and can help in that rollercoaster ride, but mostly I want to be terrorized and left awake at night fearing that that vampire will appear at the bedroom window scratching to get in.

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  • Jeremy said

    maybe rob zombie should make or remake a vampire movie like they did Halloween.couldn’t be any worse than some of the others. out there.

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  • BrokeDog said

    Number 1 – if they don’t have FANGS, then they are just freakin CANNIBALS! Okay … Salem’s Lot (original), House of Dark Shadows (Barnabas Collins rocks), and 30 Days of Night (I agree), should be on the list! I’ve never understood the “Interview with …” attraction, and Bram Stoker’s just kinda thought too much of itself, imo. But, every list is just opinion and point for discussion … and, if you’re discussing vampires or zombies, you can’t be ALL bad, right?

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  • bobbyjoe said

    I say “Underworld” is the best but thats just my opinion.

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  • shaun lynch said

    congrats on no1 but none of the karnstien trilogy? or vampire circus, strange

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  • lavakillu said

    Overall I like the list but, were I to propose an updated list, I would have to find a way to squeeze in Roman Polanski’s “The Fearless Vampire Killers” and Jim Jarmusch’s “Only Lovers Left Alive”. I’d also give a solid honorable mention to Jemaine Clement as co-director and actor in “What We Do in the Shadows”. Just discovered your site, BTW and like what I’ve seen thus far!

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