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Top 10 Vampire Movies

Top 10 Best Vampire Movies - Good List -How hard can it be to compile a list of the top 10 best vampire movies ever made? Actually there are a lot to choose from – Dracula alone is the most frequently used character in cinema, featuring in over 170 movies.

Let’s start with one of them.

10. Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992)

“And this one is a giraffe …”

A brilliant attempt at a very flawed production, Francis Ford Coppola’s vampire opus alternates between awful and inspired. The casting is brilliant, save for Keanu Reeves, and the visuals are still unrivaled in vampire films. But the awkward demon r*pe and attempt to make the audience feel sorry for Dracula are completely ludicrous. Despite its flaws, the imagery will haunt you for years.

Anthony Hopkins desperately searches the fine print on his contract.

9. Shadow Of The Vampire (2000)

Willem Dafoe learns he has four hours of make-up ahead of him.

John Malkovich plays Murnau, the director of Nosferatu, arguably the greatest vampire film ever made (gee, I wonder how this list is going to end?). When he encounters production failures and investor trouble, Murnau travels to Transylvania and enlists the help of an actual vampire to finish his film. This satirical commentary on the film industry isn’t perfect, but the wry humor and commanding performance from Willem Dafoe (in a role he was reborn to play) make this a must watch.

I’m sorry about last night. Would you like a Mimosa?

8. The Lost Boys (1987)

Vampire Hunters. Career Slayers.

What happens when you take 80s icons Corey Feldman and Corey Haim and cast them in the same vampire movie?

Cinema. Gold.

From a simpler, gentler time before we figured out Jason Patrick couldn’t act, Lost Boys is less frightening than frighteningly fun, but the core premise of creating an undead Brat Pack is inspired.

Keifer Sutherland acts out in another Hollywood bar.

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  • katie said

    ummm…twiloght should be #1 it was the best vampire movie ive ever seen…all you twilight haters need to STOP, you know that twilight was good, and if you like harry potter i wouldnt be talking….harry potter stinks…and everybody thinks oohh wait knows that twilight is better….so HAHAHAHAHA

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  • Ryan said

    twilight was terrible, bad acting, bad directing, and it was poorly written, it had potential, way to overrated. Underworld should be on the list as for 30 days of night, and the foresaken. i still can’t get over how bad twilight was as a movie, if they had a top 10 of worst vampire movies you could be twilight as #1 on that

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  • Furleybird said

    Good List, but replace Shadow of the Vampire with the original Blade. Let The Right One In was fantastic – a must see!

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  • gigi said

    i agree that twilight is ok!!!but it does not compare to anne rice’s movies or bram stoker’s or stephen king.its good yeah but it is good but not the best even underworld is better twilight is more adapted for kids!!!!that’s why its so cheesy.I own each book and its soooooooo immarture!!!!lol

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  • Edwards Girlfriend said

    You all are insane if you think twilight isn’t the best movie

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  • lisa said

    I would like to see rose mcgowan as a vampire she would be perfect! Twilight was a poor excuse for a vampire movie, thanks for not including it. I cant beleive it was the top grossing vampire movie of all time or that they would even call it a vampire movie!

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  • Chris said

    What about John Carpenter Vampires as a honorable mention? I am a huge Vampire movie fan. Yes Twilight should have made the list and Underworld. Interview with a Vampire and the Lost Boys are my top 2.

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  • KristilMethod said

    OK. There are a few that make sense and some that don’t. Underworld and Underworld Evolution definately belong somewhere in the list. I would not have put Bram Stokers Dracula at 10, even though I fully agree with the Keanue Reeves casting. The reason you feel sorry for The Count is that his entire existance is passed searching for his lost love. Innocent Blood should have gotten in somewhere.

    Twilight sucked, but the book was OK (being generous here). New Moon however should be better. The characters from the book, if they stick closely to Stephanie Meyers vision, have developed nicely and there is a lot of room for improvement in the dialogue and laughable special effects. Hopefully the new director will do better, but unfortunately they kept the same writer. We will see.

    I know I am going to break about a billion hearts here but what is the fascination with Robert Pattinson? He has amazing chemistry with Kristin Stewart and that was their saving grace. But he is not the description in the book. The description from the book makes you want to fall to your knees and thank god that he was made. I have to agree that their chemistry was the only thing that kept me from walking out. But it is acting, couldn’t someone act like they had good chemistry with Kristin Stewart and not look like they covered up a 3 day beard with make-up?

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  • Lois said


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  • Sarah said

    Perhaps Twilight isn’t on the list because, although it is an entertaining teen romance, it is NOT one of the best vampire films of all times. Or really even a good one. I like your list 🙂

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  • Sassy Sister said

    is deffinetly #1

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  • santa claus said

    My opinion:

    Lost Boys & Fright Night were both very fun movies! These movies would NOT have worked if it weren’t for the actors/characters. Having interesting characters are important in a film because that’s what keeps me interested.

    Interview is good and Dracula with Gary Oldman is good too while Twilight is an abhorrence to us true admirers of the night stalkers.

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    You heard it from Santa Claus everybody.

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  • Edwards Girlfriend said

    TWILIGHT is #1

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  • Drusilla said

    Queen of the Damned is also a cool vampire movie. A bit romantic at some points (too bad) but it is good enough to be mentioned. btw I think vampire movies should, and could, be a lot scarier, for example the movie Twilight is not even discribed as vampire movie, but as romantic or drama (..!!!aaah!).
    haha, dalmatianjaws, I hear ya sistah!


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