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Top 10 Vampire Movies

Top 10 Best Vampire Movies - Good List -How hard can it be to compile a list of the top 10 best vampire movies ever made? Actually there are a lot to choose from – Dracula alone is the most frequently used character in cinema, featuring in over 170 movies.

Let’s start with one of them.

10. Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992)

“And this one is a giraffe …”

A brilliant attempt at a very flawed production, Francis Ford Coppola’s vampire opus alternates between awful and inspired. The casting is brilliant, save for Keanu Reeves, and the visuals are still unrivaled in vampire films. But the awkward demon r*pe and attempt to make the audience feel sorry for Dracula are completely ludicrous. Despite its flaws, the imagery will haunt you for years.

Anthony Hopkins desperately searches the fine print on his contract.

9. Shadow Of The Vampire (2000)

Willem Dafoe learns he has four hours of make-up ahead of him.

John Malkovich plays Murnau, the director of Nosferatu, arguably the greatest vampire film ever made (gee, I wonder how this list is going to end?). When he encounters production failures and investor trouble, Murnau travels to Transylvania and enlists the help of an actual vampire to finish his film. This satirical commentary on the film industry isn’t perfect, but the wry humor and commanding performance from Willem Dafoe (in a role he was reborn to play) make this a must watch.

I’m sorry about last night. Would you like a Mimosa?

8. The Lost Boys (1987)

Vampire Hunters. Career Slayers.

What happens when you take 80s icons Corey Feldman and Corey Haim and cast them in the same vampire movie?

Cinema. Gold.

From a simpler, gentler time before we figured out Jason Patrick couldn’t act, Lost Boys is less frightening than frighteningly fun, but the core premise of creating an undead Brat Pack is inspired.

Keifer Sutherland acts out in another Hollywood bar.

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  • Liz said

    First of all Twilight was an awful movie. Just pretty people thinking they are bad-a$$ vampires, but doing a very poor job. I read and enjoyed the books…but sitting through the movie was horrible – not to mention dealing with the gaggle of noisy teenage girls gawking at Edward.
    Second, Queen of the Damned is an abomination. Seriously…how that was allowed to be released will forever remain a mystery to me.
    God bless Buffy the Vampire Slayer (The Movie). As bad as it was it inspired Joss Wheaton to give us the series that no one can deny ruled.
    Bram Stoker’s Dracula was a good movie just don’t call it “Bram Stoker’s”
    Someone needs to make an Anita Blake Vampire Hunter movie/series.
    The End

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  • What? said

    I should definitely go and look up these top ten after reading twilight [I’m scared to see the movie].

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    • Kaye said

      @what? Ok. I am a huge fan of the Twilight Saga Books. The reason most people have a problem with Twilight the movie is Twilight was shot as an independent film with a low budget. So of course, you get what you pay for. As far as the other movies go, The directors (as many as there were) lost their balls when trying to make the movies. plus, it’s hard trying to keep to the books when theres sooooooooo much content and not enough time. So they lost fans and in trying to be as close to the book as they could, they lost some of the people who have never read the books. but, be that as it may, There are still lines wrapped around the block and tickets being sold out months before the movie comes out for the Twilight Saga.

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    Why scared?

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  • madroxxx said

    What About David Croninberg’s vamp love story Blood And Donuts it’s a touching story of a vampire who wakes up because of a golf ball hiting him then goes to an all night diner and falls in love with his waitress.

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  • bob said

    oh my god , what is wrong woth you guyyss :O
    Twilight is the best film going 😮
    come on peeps clearly yuu havent seen it if you think its crap!!!!
    i love underworld thee secong best vampire film going :L
    pretty god list there, but ive seen them all :L!!

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  • Martin Walker said

    Vampyr by Theodor Dreyer is the greatest vampire film ever. Another almost forgotten film, Et mourir de plaisir (Blood and Roses) by Roger Vadim, was also based on Sheridan Le Fanu’s Carmilla, not the Dracula story. It is pleasantly schlocky with very erotic moments and a good dream sequence.

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  • Kasper said

    I think there are a lot of movies that were not listed here….Like Forsaken, was a great movie, twilight wass ok but it was to much of a love story to be counted among the vampire movies listed here. But i did love that movie. I own all the books…blah blah blah another thing altogether aint it….lol…any who laters!!!

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  • kate said

    ow my god the lost boys is the best film i have seen they have also made another lost boys and it is callled the tribe it is exallent but is not the same as the 1 lost boys

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  • Lorraine said

    Just a heads up…everyone watch for Bakjwi by Chan Wook Park (also known as Thirst). Dunno when it will have english subtitles but damn looks cool!



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  • auld said

    Good list: makes you realise just how few good vampire movies exist. I might add Nightwatch to this list if you classify it as a vampire tale. Fright Night should have made it into honorable mention if Lost Boys gets into the top ten. Where oh where is the George Romero of vampire movies?

    Twilight? Its not so bad – great movie for kids. Little less scary than Aladdin, little less deep than Tellytubbies.
    New Moon: “You’re my only reason to stay alive – if, er, thats what I am.” Nuff said really.

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  • nicky said

    i have sen all the vampire movies pn the top ten list and i think that the lost boys should be first.ITS THE BEST MOVIE EVER

    happy vmapire hunting:)

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  • Vinagre said

    Twilight is a gay movie compared to these and lost boys the tribe was not as good as the first, seriously to say Twilight deserves a best vampire movie of all time # you have to be a chick in love with crappy special effects and acting Twilight.

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  • g.d.smith said

    i would have put Martin on the list. Its a very clever take on vampire stories.
    There’s also a Belgian film called, I think, Daughters of Darkness with a really interesting art deco look. I recall it as being one of the best of the saphic vampire films.
    If you wanted to stretch the theme, Rabid is pretty much a vampire movie.
    Though a lot of people hate it, I like Return to Salems Lot. But no one would argue that it was a classic.

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  • Charles said

    The real killers are your hilarious captions!

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  • kevy said

    your all mad twilight puf its not that gd no were near ass got as the blade’s wesley snips kicked a*s in them movies.

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