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Pixar – Concept Art For 3 New Movies

Latest Pixar Movies 2013 - 2016

“Man, I’m really not looking forward to that next Pixar movie” – said no one ever, which is why we’re pretty pumped to see a bunch of new concept art for not one, but three upcoming films from the world’s best animation studio.

While 2013 will bring prequel Monsters University, we’re already looking forward to what lies beyond that, so we’re suitably excited to receive these teasing morsels of Pixar goodness.

First up is a picture from Bob Peterson’s The Good Dinosaur, accompanied by the following plot synopsis: “What if the cataclysmic asteroid that forever changed life on Earth actually missed the planet completely and giant dinosaurs never became extinct?”

Given this is the next original Pixar piece (not a sequel or prequel), we’re particularly interested, even if the May 30, 2014 release date seems forever away.


Next up is a piece of art for Pete Docter’s as-yet-untitled-movie-that-is-almost-certainly-titled-The-Inside-Out. The synopsis reads: “From director Pete Docter (“Up,” “Monsters, Inc.”) and producer Jonas Rivera (“Up”), the inventive new film will take you to a place that everyone knows, but no one has ever seen: the world inside the human mind.” Lands 2015.


Finally, we got a lovely vignette for Lee Unkrich’s untitled film about the Mexican Day of the Dead (Die de los Muertos), which is set for a 2016 release. Not much is known about this one, but hey, surely the solo director of Toy Story 3 can do no wrong. Right?

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