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Top 20 Greatest Indiana Jones Quotes

memorable Indiana Jones quotesWith Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull topping the worst movie of the year reader poll, now is the time to wipe the tear from our eye, kick George Lucas in the balls and remind ourselves what a great franchise this used to be.

Here is our list of the Top 20 Most Memorable Indiana Jones Quotes from the original trilogy:

20. Fedora: “You lost today, kid. But that doesn’t mean you have to like it.” (Last Crusade)

19. Marion: “Indiana Jones. I always knew some day you’d come walking back through my door.” (Raiders Of The Lost Ark)

memorable indiana jones quotes

18. Henry Jones: [accidentally shoots their own plane with the machine gun]
Indiana Jones: “Dad, are we hit?”
Henry Jones: ”More or less. Son, I’m sorry. They got us.” (Last Crusade)

17. Short Round: “Indy! Cover your heart! Cover your heart!“ (Temple Of Doom)

16. Young Indiana: “This should be in a museum!” (Last Crusade)

15. Brody: “The Bible speaks of the Ark leveling mountains and laying waste in entire regions. An Army that carries the Ark before it… is invincible.” (Raiders)

14. Henry Jones: “I suddenly remembered my Charlemagne. Let my armies be the rocks and the trees and the birds in the sky… “ (Last Crusade)

13. Indiana Jones to his students: “We do not follow maps to buried treasure and X never, ever marks the spot.” (Last Crusade)

12. Willie: “Oh my God. Oh my God, is he nuts?”
Short Round: “He not nuts, he crazy!” (Temple Of Doom)

memorable indiana jones quotes

11. Indiana Jones: “I like Indiana.”
Henry Jones: “We named the dog Indiana.” (Last Crusade)

10. “Bad dates.” (Raiders)

9. Henry Jones: “You call *this* archaeology?” (Last Crusade)

8. Belloq: “It’s a transmitter, a radio for speaking to God.” (Raiders)

7. Short Round: “What is Sankara?”
Indiana Jones: “Fortune and glory, kid. Fortune and glory.” (Temple Of Doom)

6. Indiana Jones: “You want to talk to God? Let’s go see him together, I’ve got nothing better to do.” (Raiders)

5. Indiana Jones: “Mola Ram! Prepare to meet Kali… IN HELL!” (Temple Of Doom)

4. Grail Knight: “He chose…poorly.” (Last Crusade)

3. Marion: “You’re not the man I knew ten years ago.”
Indiana Jones: “It’s not the years, honey, it’s the mileage.” (Raiders)

2. Indiana Jones: “Don’t call me Junior.” (Last Crusade)

memorable indiana jones quotes

1. Indiana Jones: “Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?” (Raiders)

Any memorable Indiana Jones quotes we missed? Leave your suggestions in the comments.

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  • Sean said

    “No ticket”

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  • Jeff said

    Short Round: “Dr. Jones, no time for love!” (Temple of Doom)

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  • Di said

    “I don’t know. I’m making this up as I go.”

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  • dnwilliams said

    waaaaay to much temple of doom in there! and i still vote for

    Indiana Jones: Are you crazy? Don’t go between them!
    Elsa: Go between them! Are you crazy?

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  • Greg said

    “You have to ask yourself: are you doing it for His glory, or for yours?”-Grail Knight

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  • Cayla said

    Asps, very dangerous…you go first.

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  • Kayla said

    Henry Jones- “It tells me that goose steppin morons like yourself should try reading books instead of burning them!”

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  • ddd said

    skull topping that list is ridiculous. but anyway, one of the best quotes in it made for one of the best moments in the series imo.

    “they weren’t you honey”


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  • Nathan said

    “Our situation has not improved.” -Last Crusade

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  • sasha said

    “You’re a teacher?” . . . Indy: “Part time.”

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  • vanya said

    two: “You call this archeology?”
    and my favorite: Henry Sr. “I’m as human as the next man.” Indy “I WAS the next man.”

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  • Jacky said

    Young Indie- “Everyone’s lost but me” (Last Crusade)

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  • kirby said

    there are 2 dead people in here theres gona be 2 dead people in here-temple of doom

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  • lane zegular said

    Temple of doom. Indy: we walk from here and i’m not leaving without the stones

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  • Thomas77 said

    Willie: “You know how to fly, don’t you?”
    Indy: “Umm, no. Do you?” (Temple of Doom)

    ShortRound: “No Dr. Jones, you cheat! YOU cheat! You make me por!” (Temple of Doom) Not a hugely popular line, but one I love and that sticks in my head.

    Indy: “X never, ever, marks the spot!” (Last Crusade)

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