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Paul Walker Signs On For Hitman Reboot

Hitman Reboot - What Paul Walker Might Look Like
Fox’s last film starring barcoded butcher ‘Hitman’ didn’t exactly endear itself to the critics, but still took over $100 million worldwide. Now the studio is giving it another shot, with Paul Walker in the lead role…

The assassin known as Agent 47, star of Square Enix’s game series, was portrayed in the 2007 film by Timothy Olyphant. It was directed by Xavier Gens and marked his second outing as director of a feature film. This time the task has fallen on Aleksander Bach who has even less experience, other than a body of work in advertising.

Walker is best known for the ‘Fast and Furious’ series and for being an avid surfer. The brooding menace of Olyphant’s Agent 47 is a far-cry from the glamourised action Walker is associated with, but Walker will be shaving his head and his intense work back in ‘Running Scared’ showed he has a darker side waiting to be utilised. Even if he sucks, the Hitman brand alone seems enough to attract audiences.

The upcoming film will be written by Skip Woods, who lent his pen to the first ‘Hitman’.

In the meantime, Walker will be driving Fast and Furious again on May 24th.

Hitman Reboot - What Paul Walker Might Look Like[My Version]

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  • Andy Roberts said

    This is just bad. Same screenwriter, Director with even less experience than the last and a lead star that acts about as well as a pig flies. No, No, No, No and more no. This has so much potential and is just being wasted.

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  • DI0612 said

    no I want Timothy Olyphant back,he should be the only one.have been waiting for a 2nd one won’t be watching the reboot without him.
    TIM forever

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  • UNKNOWN said

    “Ralph Fiennes” would be a good Hit-Man…

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