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10 Best Romantic Movies On Netflix Instant & LoveFilm Streaming – Tonight

Best Romantic Movies Netflix Instant (Love & Romantic-Comedy)Say, what better way to counter the danger of a Valentine’s Day argument with thy beloved than by watching a movie – thereby cutting out the need for any chinwag? These are the top 10 best romantic movies on Netflix instant and LoveFilm. Love, comedy, drama – there’s no better way to avoid spending so much as a red cent on that special evening.

10. Adventureland (LOVEFiLM)

Best Romantic Movies Netflix Streaming
Kristen Stewart is the fresh-faced beauty caught between two guys… wait, hold on, it’s not one of THOSE movies. Nope, rather this is a smart-enough comedy which also houses a rather sweet romance, and features Jesse Eisenberg and Ryan Reynolds as K-Stew’s duelling suitors.

Actually, there’s no duelling. But there are theme park rides. Ooh! And ‘80s music. Aah!

9. The Social Network (LOVEFiLM)

Best Romantic Comedies Netflix Streaming
Admittedly the female characters aren’t even worth the time it just took me to type ‘characters’, divested of anything resembling a personality as they all are. But nonetheless, The Social Network remains a great date movie.

For the gents, there’s the illusionary prospect that, given the right breakup, they could come up with the next billion dollar idea that folks’ll love to bitch about but won’t be able to live without. And for the ladies, there’s a procession of winning male leads – not least amongst them Armie Hammer as the dumber-than-their-boat Winklevoss twins.

8. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Netflix UK, Netflix US)

Top Romance Movies Netflix
Is it tempting fate like Noah stepping out without a brolly to spend Valentine’s night watching a movie that hinges on a heart-shredding breakup?

Well, maybe. But when said breakup summons forth the creative talents of director Michel Gondry and writer Charlie Kaufman, to give scraps of hope to scrapping couples everywhere, then ‘tis a fate well worth tempting.

7. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (LOVEFiLM)

Best Romantic Comedies Netflix
Are Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers a screen union to celebrate? He’s a cheater whose brain’s been frazzled by too many video games. And she’s responsible for zany-coloured coiffures on ladies the world over, in a bid to show all and sundry how quirky they are.

Yes. We get it.

But Michael Cera and Elizabeth Winstead make for a likeable coupling (no Cera-haters here…), and there’s a bundle of neat-o action sequences to savour too.

6. Clueless (Netflix US, Netflix UK)

Best Romantic Films Netflix LoveFilm Download
Swell and groovy as Clueless might be, isn’t a tad odd that Alicia Silverstone’s Cher winds up copping off with Paul Rudd’s Josh – what with him being her stepbrother and all? Oh sure, there’s no technical foul there, but it’s still… odd.

But then that’s our ‘licia, isn’t it? Prefers dogs to people. Plays to movies. Satan to Jesus?

Quite possibly.

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  • NetflixUser said

    Half of the movies you have listed arent available on nettlix 🙁

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    • Sheridan Passell said
      Sheridan Passell

      The list covers Netflix US, Netflix UK and LoveFilm. Some of what is available of Lovefilm isn’t on Netflix and vice-versa. This was all checked yesterday, which titles are you referring to?

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