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Sam Mendes To Direct Bond 24?

Bond 24 Release Date
Fresh off the success of the 23rd Bond instalment, rumour has it that its director, Sam Mendes, will be back for another go around.

The Daily Mail has reported that Mendes is “75% likely” to return as the director for the untitled follow up to Skyfall. The project is still in its earliest stages but is also rumoured to be a standalone title, completely separate from the formula that the last three films have followed. However, if Sam Mendes is indeed the choice for Bond 24, fans will have to wait – as the director is currently committed to a production of King Lear at the National Theatre, as well as the musical adaptation of Roald Dahl’s Charlie And The Chocolate Factory opening in May.

It does make sense – Skyfall wasn’t only a critical success, but a huge financial one on top of that. The film is the top grossing James Bond film as well as the top grossing British movie of all time.

Daniel Craig is confirmed for at least another two Bond titles, with ### SPOILERS AHEAD ### Ralph Fiennes, Ben Whishaw and Naomie Harris expected to return as their retrospective characters (is it too spoilery to say who? Has everyone who wants to see it seen it already?). ### END SPOILERS ###

Bond 24 is currently slated for a late 2014 release. Those waiting for something Mendes-y to hold them over until then (and relive their childhood) can see Charlie And The Chocolate Factory from May 18th at Theatre Royal Drury Lane.

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  • Kramer said

    I honestly didnt think Skyfall was that good.

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  • Jemal Polson said


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  • Kramer said

    It was mainly the story. I just felt very uninterested in the whole thing. I couldnt help feel “is that it?” by the end of the movie. I didnt like the whole “board ourselves in and we’ll fight them off all alone” scenario at the end and there were just so many frustrating movie moments. Like when the the old man and M are running away from the explosion they flail about with the torch and low and behold, the bad guy sees them!!! And The whole end part with Bond offing the bad dude was utterly predictable I thought.

    Javier Bardem was unarguably great in the film. I went and watched No Country For Old Men after seeing this, just to get another hit of Bardem as a bad guy.

    I’m a very casual Bond fan and have only ever really watched the Pierce Brosnan ones (Heck, I’ve only seen casino royale once back when it first came out), so all that business with Q and M and Moneypenny at the end was lost on me and I didnt really understand what the significance was, nor did I care.

    There were some great action scenes in there, and good acting (especially from Bardem), but that was not enough for me to consider this film as a great film.

    My personal score

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  • J.D.W. said

    I thought Skyfall was pretty good, I’m also glad to know that they’re going to make another one.

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