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  • Andres said

    Max Payne the game was great, the story was very smart and always kept me on the edge of the seat, the action and the moves where always like in John Woo’s best movies…

    And then came this disaster of movie trying to copy it’s ideas in the worst possible way… John Moore I hope you burn in hell for making this!

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  • Mike said

    I’m realy looking forward to see the second one of this movie.As a fan of Max Payne ı think they did a wonderful job with making the film:)

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    • Richard Hoek said

      yeah although i want more slowmo/bullettime action and a prequel maybe to start where it al begon and how….just because im a Huuuge fan and there are people who dont play the games and are missing out on the action and story

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  • knoc off said

    i wud love to see them make max payne 2. i hope they do

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  • frank said

    i think the movie could’ve been better with a different director and if they had more characters from the game. if the action sequences were not overdone and if they did a better job at adaptatin the game’s noir into the movie, it could have been better. i just hope that if they do a sequel, stay true to the game and not go off on their own.

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    • Richard Hoek said

      yeah Max Payne IS Max Payne i liked the movie and even bought it and would like a second, BUT you cant wander off from the point where you get to hear what happened to his wife and babygirl into a different story

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