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5 Surprising Things About This Year’s Oscars

Top 5 Surprising Things About This Year's Oscars
Beasts Of The Southern Wild Won…Nothing

The whole ceremony featured many a reference to the youngest ever Best Actress nominee Quvenzhané Wallis, and from red carpet interviews she clearly thought she was going to win. Of course we all knew that Jennifer Lawrence was a forgone conclusion, so somebody had been messing with her 9 year old mind. The opening of the envelope must have been the most surprising moment of the night, for her. The film itself went away without a single shiny honour, not so surprising, despite being nominated for Best Picture, Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay. BOTSW will just have to settle for the three Black Reel awards, four Cannes film festival awards, and the Chicago, Georgia, New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Oklahoma, Phoenix and Utah Film Critics’ awards it won in 2012. Gutted.

Adele Actually Didn’t Sound Too Great Singing Skyfall

Top 5 Surprising Things About This Year's Oscars
Skyfall is one of my favourite Bond themes, but even so I find more people complaining about the song than praising it. I was actually excited to see Adele perform the song this year, but I do feel like she fell a bit flat. She hit the notes well enough, and a lot better than her other contemporaries in the charts at the moment but I wouldn’t call it amazing. I know she suffers from stage fright so I may just put it down to that.

The Les Misérables Performance Was Quite Enjoyable

Top 5 Surprising Things About This Year's Oscars
My reaction for hearing that the cast of Les Misérables would perform was the exact opposite to when I heard Adele would. I was already bored just by hearing the news. But it actually turned out to be a well put together performance, as everyone looked and sounded great, with special mention going to Amanda Seyfried and on-screen lover Eddie Redmayne as Cosette and Marius respectively.

Kerry Washington Wasn’t Nominated For Django Unchained

Top 5 Surprising Things About This Year's Oscars
“But she wasn’t in it that much” I hear you say. Was Amy Adams in The Master a lot? No. Was Anne Hathaway in Les Misérables for more the 25 minutes of the 2 hour and 40 minute film? No. Which is why I’m baffled as to why Washington wasn’t nominated for her great performance as the brave, intelligent and vulnerable slave, Broomhilda (call her Hildie) in Django Unchained. She could’ve at least been nominated as a supporting actress, no?

Everything Pretty Much Ran Smoothly

Top 5 Surprising Things About This Year's Oscars
Unless I missed something, everything seemed to run smoothly during the three hour ceremony. Sure JLaw tripped over as she went up for her Best Actress award, and the visual effects team for Life of Pi were embarrassingly cut off by the Jaws theme tune to which we saw Nicole Kidman mouthed “poor thing” to husband Keith Urban, but other than that, everything else was fine, no hiccups, no Freudian or nip slips…fine. But if you do in fact think The Oscars were actually a mess, or if you disagree with anything I’ve said, let me know in the comments section.

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  • Hugh Langley said

    I was really disappointed that Beasts of the Southern Wild walked home empty-handed. Not hard to see why – seems like every category had a clear winner long before the actual day – but it was my favourite of the Best Picture nominees. Quvenzhané Wallis’s performance felt so genuine it was moving in ways I didn’t expect. Lawrence is awesome, but I didn’t feel like her performance in SLP was beyond what we’d expect from her.

    Other than that, I thought most of the other results were fair. MacFarlane annoyed me, but I think enough has been said about him already.

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  • Jemal Polson said

    The Academy…along with most prestigious ceremony’s love giving awards to people that have been nominated before, usually in better roles. It’s their way of saying “we f**ked up, take an Oscar for this to compensate the one you almost won for”.

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  • BlueFox94 said

    “WRECK-IT RALPH” wasn’t named 2012’s Best Animated Film 🙁

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