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The Hangover Part III – Trailer

The Hangover Part III Trailer
The highest grossing R-rated comedy ever is back for a third (and apparently final) instalment. The regular cast Ed Helms, Bradley Cooper and Zach Galifianakis have returned along with director Todd Philips. This time, Alan has a giraffe.

Has the franchise run out of steam? Given that 21 million people have watched this YouTube video in the space of a week, the answer is ‘no’.

This time round, Ken Jeong’s part is “significantly expanded”, Mike Epps will reprise his role as Black Doug, Heather Graham (hasn’t aged a day since the 80’s) is back to play Jade the stripper, and John Goodman is an antagonist in the same vein as Paul Giamatti in ‘The Hangover Part II’. Melissa McCarthy’s lollipop sucking role is reportedly pretty small.

With a screenplay by Todd Philips and Craig Mazin (‘The Hangover Part II’), the film is due for release May 24th – but will it be able to beat its own record at the box office?

The Hangover Part III Trailer
The Hangover Part III Trailer

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