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Leaked Ant-Man Test Footage!

Leaked Ant-Man Test Footage
The chances of Disney pulling this offline are pretty much 100%, considering that I found this after the first video I tried to view had been pulled. WHY things like this are withheld from feverish film fans, I do not know, especially when hundreds of people have seen it already…but without further ado, LEAKED test footage for Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man:

If that does get pulled, there’s always the fanmade animatic to check out:

It’s nice to see that faith in Wright’s ability to pull off the visuals wasn’t misplaced. Ant-Man looks exciting, kinetic, and likely to deliver slapstick comedy by the truckload, going by that test footage alone. Add that to the emotional hook of the comic storyline that Wright’s chosen to adapt (where Scott Lang is using his powers to keep his daughter from dying) and the cool pitch of this being a superhero heist movie, and this looks promising to say the least. I can’t wait for an official glimpse of real footage, which will presumably be accompanying a Marvel Studios release in the near future.

Source: Comics Alliance

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