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Cannes 2013 Poster

Cannes 2013 Poster
The classy official poster for the 66th Cannes Film Festival is here, and it’s a beauty. Not for the first time, the festival poster is more striking than the vast majority of promotional material for current film releases. It’s eye catching, it’s simple and it’s, well, look…
Cannes 2013 Poster

See? Classy! That’s Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, real-life couple and co-stars of A New Kind of Love, a movie where Newman is a journalist that mistakes Woodward for a prostitute and falls in love with her. Still classy though, right? Newman and Woodward met on the set of 1958’s The Long, Hot Summer and starred in a total of 11 films together, this year being the 50th anniversary of A New Kind of Love.

For the Festival it is a chance both to pay tribute to the memory of Paul Newman, who passed away in 2008, and to mark its undying admiration for Joanne Woodward, his wife and most favoured co-star.

The photograph from the shoot was isolated, remastered and redesigned by the Bronx agency, who added a kinetic element, toying with the impression of movement and depth in order to enhance the cinematographic effect.

The poster evokes a luminous and tender image of the modern couple, intertwined in perfect balance at the heart of the dizzying whirlwind that is love. The vision of these two lovers caught in a vertiginous embrace, oblivious of the world around them, invites us to experience cinema with all the passion of an everlasting desire.

What do you think? I really, really love it. Quite possibly because everything I see is Star Wars, it reminds me of this, though that’s irrelevant and I’m probably alone. It follows on very nicely from the posters from the previous two years.

Cannes 2013 Poster
Source: FirstShowing, L’Express

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    Stay classy, South of France.

    Yeah, it’s a striking poster. I really liked the Marilyn one from last year too. If I was still in my student halls I would have purchased both for the walls.

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