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10 Best Action Movies On Netflix – Streaming Tonight

Good / Best Action Movies Netflix Instant StreamingNothing says action like sitting motionless and clicking play on a streaming movie. And if you’re in the mood for an explosive night in that’s not curry related, here are the top 10 best action movies on Netflix streaming, US and UK.

10. Hellboy (2004) [Netflix US]

Good Action Movies Netflix
He was big and strong, in his eyes a flaming glow. Not my words – the words of ‘70s disco funsters, Boney M, spreading the bad word about Russia’s greatest love machine, Rasputin.

And while Ra’s Al Putin is indeed present and incorrect in this Guillermo del Toro-helmed superhero flick, filling the function of chief antagonist, the description seems equally apt for its eponymous lead, a crimson demon with an arm of stone and an ornery charm all his own.

9. Streets of Fire (1984) [US]

Best Action Movies Netflix Streaming
Spark of inspiration for not one but two classic 16-bit beat-em-ups (Streets of Rage and Final Fight, since you ask), this stylised rock ‘n’ roll actioner comes over like a better-looking, marginally less ludicrous (but only marginally) Big Trouble in Little China.

Of the principal participants, Willem Dafoe is greasily unhinged as the vampiric biker villain, Michael Paré is cubically-jawed as the tough guy drifter hero, and director Walter Hill is in playful mood as he mines the same exploitation influences which previously served him so well for The Driver and The Warriors.

8. 13 Assassins (2010) [US]

Best Action Movies Netflix
Hitting the dizziest heights of excitement, this feudal samurai saga is pure action goodness from Takashi Miike in one of his welcome on-days. The setup is simplicity itself: a baker’s dozen of sword-swinging rogues need to hold a village against the murderous, multitudinous forces of a sadistic aristocrat.

And? And that’s it – aside from blood streaming like gushing geysers, limbs flying like startled pigeons, and some CGI cows that are about as realistic as a government growth prediction.

7. Top Gun (1986) [US/UK]

Best Action Movies Netflix
Is it a gung-ho monument to American military triumphalism? MTV gone to the movies? The most homoerotic blockbuster since Ben-Hur broke out the lotion and summoned the slave-boys?

Probably a bit of all three, as star Tom Cruise, director Tony Scott, and producers Simpson and Bruckheimer deliver a decade-defining action-romance with all the sheen of a freshly-buffed ballroom floor and all the depth of a rapidly-evaporating puddle.

6. Face/Off (1997) [US/UK]

Best Action Movies Netflix
Imagine a time when John Travolta and Nicolas Cage were incredibly cool, and seeing them in a movie together was a big deal. It existed, around 1997. This is also director John Woo in his absolute prime, and that’s something to behold. Add to that a truly original action premise and top notch over-the-top performances and you have something wildly entertaining. It’s all utterly preposterous, but in a really good way.

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    Despite years spent playing 16-bit beat ’em ups like Streets of Rage, I never knew they were inspired by one particular movie. Now I can completely see it. ‘Streets of Rage’ = ‘Streets of Fire’ etc. Somehow I’d never heard of the movie, despite enjoying ‘The Warriors’ and some of Walter Hill’s other stuff. Now I shall watch it with some fellow arcade fans.

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  • william hamel said

    They are excellent films, the most interesting is Hellboy Part 1 and Part 2, very original and makeup and the characters are different from all the movies I’ve seen.

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  • CRAIG said

    I definitely agree with The Avengers at #1 and Terminator 2 at the #2 spot.I absolutely love both of these movies,Terminator 2 was outstanding,you just can’t beat a movie like that,James Cameron is without question one of the best directors of all-time.Look at what he has accomplished,he has the #1 and #2 movies that have grossed the much money of all-time with Avatar and Titanic.Who can top that,not even Steven Speilberg,sorry Steven but it’s the truth.As for The Avengers,that movie was smokin’ hotttt.The action scenes were off the charts,I can watch that movie over and over.REAL TALK.

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