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The Hangover Part III – Review

The Hangover 3 Review
Similar to this review, The Hangover Part III is mostly about Alan (Galifianakis). Other than that, there’s not much worth mentioning.

Like all endings, the final part of Todd Phillips roofie-ridden trilogy opts to go back to the beginning. Phil (Cooper), Doug (Bartha), Alan and Stu (Helms) are reunited with stripper-with-a-heart-of-gold, Jade (Graham) and “Black Doug” (Epps), after their absence from the Thailand romp in 2011. Vegas is also the key backdrop for almost half of the film. New additions to the cast include main antagonist John Goodman, and the ever great Melissa McCarthy as pawn shop owner, Cassie.

If you’ve caught the films tagline, you’ll know that it features neither a wedding nor a bachelor party. So what is The Hangover Part III about and what is the POINT? I’ll tell you.

After refusing to take his meds for 6 months, Alan’s “friends” and family decide to stage an intervention to get him into rehab. Phil, Doug and Stu offer to drive him to the facility, but are kidnapped on the way over by Black Doug and his drug dealing senior, Marshall. The Wolf Pack are told that they are to find Mr Chow (Jeong) who’s recently broken out of prison. Marshall needs the group to deliver Chang directly to him, in addition to $20 million worth of gold stolen from him during events in the first instalment. Since the guys were the last humans to know his whereabouts, the group find themselves on an international goose chase to find Chang, as well as the missing money.

The Hangover 3 Review
The Hangover Part III does a good job of tying up loose ends and character plots from earlier entries. But the positives for the film start and stop there. Like its predecessor, the whole thing is Alan-centric. Many of the films best lines – more appropriately token “laughs”, are delivered by him. Sure, there are a few zingers from Mr Chow and Stu, but far too much emphasis is put into making Alan the central figure of hilarity. The move ends up as overkill, as Alan is an amazing character who doesn’t have to do, or say too much (as demonstrated in the original) to be comedic. The crew gets points for referencing The Shawshank Redemption and the Best Cry Ever, but the fun and individuality is amiss over the majority of its runtime. You may only find yourself laughing at a few moments, but not for long.

The Hangover Part III is ultimately a step above the Thai based second addition, but is still a long way off from the humour of the first. Goodman is partly enjoyable, yet one dimensional, and Alan’s female counterpart played by McCarthy is a standout addition to the cast. Although it ends on a solid high, it’s still too reliant on Galifianakis. The characters seem like back-up dancers to Alan’s comedic waltz throughout its 100 minutes.

You might wanna stay for the mid-credits scene at the end. If you think things couldn’t get worse for Stu after receiving a tooth knocked out tooth, as well as getting his horrendous face tattoo and lady boy loving, you’d be wrong.

Extremely wrong.

Grade: C

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  • Christian said

    You switched from calling Jeong’s character to Chang in the middle of your review. I can only assume you watch Community.

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    • BadAntenna said

      That’s not surprising. I loved the first one but, after the second (bleh), will hold off on the last until the DVD comes out.

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