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James Franco Wants $500k Of Your Money For ‘Palo Alto Stories’

Palo Alto Stories
Actor, scholar and now author James Franco is looking to crowdfunding, to help launch his book Palo Alto Stories onto the big screen.

The book, released in 2011, features several short stories about a varied group of teenagers, each of whom is dealing with a particular shortcoming or personal issue.

Turning to Kickstarter Indiegogo, Franco aims to raise $500,000 for the project. He also hopes that up and coming filmmakers such as Vladimir Bourdeau, Bruce Thierry Cheung and Gabriel Demestree will help direct and/or produce various stories from the book. Projected as a potential trilogy, the films are set to be titled Memoria, Killing Animals and Yosemite.

As much as I may usually moan about adaptation after adaptation being produced, there’s nothing wrong with one that actually ends up being amazing. This could just be that.

How is the internet responding? Well it’s not all that excited. The total is currently sitting at $47k, with 29 days to go. Franco and co. have a further $453k to raise in order for the project to get the go ahead. It seems like it might fall short.

You can visit his Indiegogo page and donate here.

Franco was reportedly paid $7 million for his role in Oz: The Great and Powerful alone. Please give generously to his pet project.

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  • Sam Gurney said

    It’s worrying how this is becoming a thing. There’s something really unsettling about massive established stars asking for your money…

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  • G said

    If he really believed in the project, you’d think he would have no trouble putting his own money upfront for the project.

    George Lucas believed in Red Tails enough that he put his own money up to fully finance it.

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