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Lone Ranger Coming To The Big Screen!

Kick ass! After revitalising (and then destroying completely) enthusiasm for pirates, writers Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio are set to bring the LONE RANGER back to the big screen.

The Lone Ranger began life on radio in the 1930’s and moved onto TV in the 40’s. The story centres on a cowboy gunning for revenge (not unlike Jean Claude Van Damme) after the Rangers are all killed by an absolute bastard.

Overseeing the flick will be Jerry Bruckheimer (why are you surprised?), but Elliott and Rossio on script will produce something great. Think Pirates 1 or The Mask of Zorro, but with more cowboys.

Source: Empire

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  • CPC said

    Did you know that the location where the opening scene of the Lone Ranger TV series was shot is still in Chatsworth, CA (formerly Iversons Movie Ranch). It would be a nice homage to include that location in the movie! Just a thought!

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  • Joker said

    Needless to say this movie will be good. Have crossed fingers for Depp to play Tonto though.

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  • seanH said

    As a Native American I would like to Samuel L. Jackson portray Tonto …he’s in everything anyway

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