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Short Film Script Competition – Bombay Sapphire / Tribeca Film Festival

Bombay Sapphire Imagination Film
If you fancy seeing your creative work produced by top talents, and premiering at a prestigious film festival, then this might be your chance.

Here’s how the competition works – Everyone is given the same few lines of dialogue written by Geoffrey Fletcher (‘Precious’). There’s no indication who’s saying them, their location, or the circumstances. You then propose the scenario, fleshing it out into a short script. It’s focused on telling the story through description rather than dialogue, since you can’t add any. If your proposal is one of those chosen then it will be filmed (you can be involved in the production), and premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Oscar-winner Adrien Brody is one of the proposal judges. He’s worked with King Kong and the Predator.

Here are a couple of last year’s winners, so you get the idea:

To see this year’s dialogue and to enter, click here – www.imaginationseries.com

Competition closes 4th August 18th August 11.59pm (GMT). Good luck.

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