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Curse Of Chucky – Trailer

Curse of Chucky Trailer
Certain objects carry with them an indefinable air of menace. An illuminated TV screen fuzzed with static. An old cupboard left slightly ajar. The fixed, soulless grin on the face of a child’s doll.

It’s this last item that provided the basis for Don Mancini’s long-running horror series, ‘Child’s Play’, which features a friendly, red-headed toy named Chucky, which just happens to be possessed by the soul of a serial killer. Starting off as “pure” horror, the series, much like ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’, veered off into horror comedy territory, but now, twenty-five years on from the first instalment,’Child’s Play’ seems to be making a return to its roots with ‘Curse of Chucky’.

Set at a funeral, with family tensions running a high, a young girl comforts herself with a newly-arrived Good Guy Doll, unaware that her new favorite toy is in the process of planning a massacre. The side effect of playing it straight, however, seems to suggest that a lot of the fun has disappeared from the franchise: the most recent film, ‘Seed of Chucky’, was widely panned, but at least it was, you know, fun. ‘Curse of Chucky’ seems to be relying on the inherent creepiness of its diminutive, plastic antagonist, which, fortunately, still seems pretty high. For chrissake, keep your fingers away from its mouth!

‘Curse of Chucky’ is written and directed by Mancini and stars Fiona Dourif, Danielle Bisuti, A Martinez, Brennan Elliott and Chantal Quesnelle. Franchise veteran Brad Dourif returns for this sixth time as the voice of Chucky. I wonder who they’ll get to replace him when the inevitable reboot comes around… *sigh*

Has ‘Curse of Chucky’ displaced a contender from our list of the top 10 trailers of 2013 so far?

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