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De Palma’s ‘Passion’ – Trailer

Passion Trailer (Brian De Palma)
The making of their first erotic thriller usually doesn’t bode well for the career of a long-established director, but given its Brian De Palma behind the lens, you’d be forgiven for hoping that Passion is more than just a thinking man’s Wild Things.

Its cast is certainly promising: Noomi Rapace is Isabella, an advertising assistant who finds her career being held back by Rachel McAdam’s executive, Christine. In-keeping with much of DePalma’s ouvre, Passion seems likely to explore themes of power and seduction as Christine, wanting more than Isabella’s respect, demands her adoration.

De Palma has been accused of misogyny – more than one of his film’s features a beautiful woman being cut up, figuratively or otherwise -, so hopefully this film, his first since 2007’s Redacted, will not rest its appeal solely on sapphic titillation. There have, as always, been a lack of strong female characters on our screens this year – might a few of them yet come from this unexpected source?

Those lamme-studded doll masks may be a step too far, though.

Passion is due out in the US on August 30th.

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