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Pacific Rim 2 – Sequel Plans

Will There Be A Pacific Rim 2. Sequel Plans, Plot
Is there going to be a Pacific Rim 2? And what can we expect from a sequel?

Pacific Rim opened with $37 million last weekend, the best of director Guillermo del Toro’s career (topping Hellboy II’s $34m) but it wasn’t a particularly strong start when compared to the likes of World War Z’s $66m. This weekend it’s only charted in 6th place with $16m ($68m total), which is not wonderful for a $180m budgeted movie. The sequel’s fate will ultimately be determined then by international performance, and if that’s close, may go down to home entertainment results. Word of mouth is strong, with audiences giving it an “A-” and critics enjoying it. In short, it’s done so-so but it has a chance.

**** Big Spoilers Ahead **** One thing we’ve learnt about Pacific Rim 2 is that, should it happen, it’s going to be quite a departure. Legendary Pictures brought Pacific Rim screenwriter Travis Beacham back to draw up a treatment with del Toro months ago, and Beacham tweeted this week “Literally the only reason I’m following the numbers is that the sequel is bonkers and I want it to happen.” Del Toro has added “We have plans that are pretty bold and pretty crazy. We would not be repeating anything from the first one. We would go to completely fresh territory.”

At a screening in California, del Toro mentioned one idea might be to have drifting (mind-melding) with the Kaiju as the main focus. In the first movie, scientist Newt connects his brain to a Kaiju so he can understand them better and the director says there’s a lot more for us to learn about the monsters. Might we see humans controlling the Kaiju? One human controlling an army of Kaiju? The idea isn’t crazy, as del Toro also stressed the monsters’ hive mentality was important: “If you ‘drift’ with a Kaiju brain, you are drifting with every Kaiju alive”. He went on, “There was a line that I deleted from the movie that will come back if I do a second movie. Newt explained that the Kaiju are not carbon based organisms like humans, they are silicon based.” In a later interview with MTV News, he said “You’re gonna see a merging of Kaiju and Jaeger. And that is quite special.”

As for who might return for a second movie, del Toro has promised “We will have Gipsy Danger 2.0 for sure”, despite its destruction. When Stacker (Idris Elba) sacrificed his life he told Mako that she would always be able to find him “in the Drift”, so there’s a good chance we could still see him return in the neural space. Especially as the actor has hinted we might not have seen the end of him. The fate of Ron Perlman’s Hannibal was revealed in the end credits, for those who stayed.

Of course one idea we haven’t discussed is that of the prequel. Pacific Rim begins with a lot of skimmed-over back story about how the Kaiju first appeared, and there’s an obvious opportunity to go back and explore this more. While it doesn’t sound like this is the plan for the second film, the screenwriter has already published a 112 page graphic novel that covers the time period. ‘Pacific Rim: Tales From Year Zero’ explains what happened the first time the Kaiju attacked Earth, and how the Jaeger program was started. Characters played by Charlie Hunnam, Idris Elba, Rinko Kikuchi and Clifton Collins Jr. all appear. It’s available here in the US, or here in the UK.

Pacific Rim 2 Sequel Plans

What would you like to see happen in a Pacific Rim 2? Should it still be robots fighting monsters? What should the plot be? Which characters should return? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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  • casey said

    Must have pacific rim 2. Robots stay. Actors and actresses can change. Thanks

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  • Bro said

    Only if Charlie Day comes back. He was my favorite character in the movie.

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  • Jeremy Teague said

    Just seen the movie and it is to die for…..omg thank you for taking my mind to places it’s never been. As for the sequel well to not do one would mean you never believed in yourself in the first place. Keep doing what your doing it working…….thanks

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  • J said

    I’d like it if Herc Hansen returned, with maybe some more backstory than what we’ve got, though I could live without it. As long as Herc’s in it, I’ll be happy.

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  • Lynn said

    Brought me back to my early ” Godzilla vs ….” days. I took my son to see it. He acted like I did all those years ago. Nothing better then that raw connection.
    As for a sequel , a lot of doors were left open to work from. Heck, could even have a physical melding as well. Borgish if you will. Works with the ” silicon based” ideal. Oh, gotta go. My son wants to debate some more on what is more epic, Lord of the Rings or Pacific Rim.

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  • Ronnie said

    You’ve got to be kidding me about Charlie Day, he was so ANNOYING, he really took me out of the immersion. How can anyone that high-pitched tantrum of yelling he goes on. Screw that guy, he should definitely not return for the sequel.

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  • john manue;l said

    great movies

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  • Aurelio Jesus Aguilar said

    This movie is amazing! I cant believe that so many people havent gone to see it, I bet its those stupid Michael Bay Transformers movies that ruined it for all giant robot films to come. If you see one movie this summer it should be Pacific Rim!

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  • Saverio said

    Since all the Kaiju have some characteristics of animals on earth, what if there was a kaiju(or two)that took on the characteristics of us? It would harken back to that old monster classic, “War of the Gargantuas.”

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  • Adala said

    Mako and Raleigh better come back. Needs better writing and pacing pls THANK YOIU

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  • wayde said

    I love this movie and think there should be a part 2 and this is what I think should happen. Pacific Rim 2:Dark Horizon,Six years have passed since the assault on the breach destroying the threat or so they thought when a new portal opens releasing new catagories of kaiju(cat.6-10)stronger,fast and smarter yhan the last. All hope seems lost as humanity is forced to take refuge in lunar facilalty known as ‘the halo’. Unknown to Raleigh looking for Mako in the chaos is pulled by Panpaficic along with other drivers selected to piolet the new ‘kai-jeager’program developed by the knowledge gained by Newt’s drift with the kaiju’s brain creating stronger more powerful hybrid of monster and mechine,led by the new ‘Gypsy,Atas 2.0’ to fight the vicious new threat and enter the antiverse to defeat the ‘Hive Mine'(a cat.10 known as ‘Aken’).For more detail contact me at waydebain[at]hotmail.com

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    • andre said

      i agree with wayde he said it cool i like it it should be created like that i was thinking of that too im like pacific rim should have 6-10 catagories stronger monsters and stronger robots

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  • mottai boss said

    Yeh i’m pretty sure why this movie is not famous because people just think it’s another version of transformers. Wish people learn to differentiate between s**t movies and amazing movies. Oh if u guys still not seen this, then please watch it in 3D. It’s worth the price!!!

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  • CRAIG said

    Pacific Rim is an awesome movie.I was wondering if it was going to be better than Transformers,the movie was great and all,but the three Transformers movies are still smokin’ hot.I love Michael Bay as a director,his directing skills speak for themselves.Think about it,Transformers-Dark of the Moon is the 5th highest grossing movie of all time.That’s got to stand for something.Still Pacific Rim was an action-packed movie.As far as it beating Transformers,no way.And that’s REAL TALK.

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  • nicholas said

    I kinda wanna see more of coyote tango cause there is not very much about him just that stacker piolts the jaeger.

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  • Kyra Petermann said

    omg yes! Pacific rim is my all time time favorite movie and i think the characters should stay i really like Mako’s back story and think she and Raleigh should both stay i’d also love to hear more of Herc’s back story and what happened with him, why his relationship with his son wasn’t very good ect…. but i definitely do want a number 2 to happen!!!

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