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The Conjuring 2 – Sequel Plans

Will There Be A The Conjuring 2. Sequel Plans, Plot
It’s a graveyard smash, but is there going to be a Conjuring 2? And what can we expect from a sequel?

The Conjuring opened this weekend with a huge $41.5 million, setting a new record for an original R-rated horror. Impressive word of mouth means it’s going to stick around too, since audiences gave it an “A-” CinemaScore and reviews are excellent (84% on RT). It’s likely to top $100m in the US alone and considering its production budget was only $20m, a sequel is inevitable.

In fact, the movie was always developed with a series in mind, a sort of supernatural X-Files. The Conjuring was at one stage titled ‘The Warren Files’, imagining Mulder and Scully but with ghosts. New Line was already actively developing The Conjuring 2 back in June, and that’s before it opened so well.

Both Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson are already signed on to reprise their roles, and it’s highly likely that the next movie will be based on one of Ed and Lorraine Warren’s other real-life investigations. The ‘based on a true story’ is a key selling point.

The Amityville Horror was a case of theirs, as was 2009’s The Haunting in Connecticut. Another notable episode saw them exorcising a “werewolf demon” in 1983, helping a man who had taken on the behaviour of a dangerous satanic wolf.

The biggest question is whether the director, James Wan, will return. It seems unlikely since he is throwing himself into Fast and Furious 7. He is probably the world’s best working horror director, after Saw and Insidious, so his loss would be a huge one for The Conjuring 2, and fans should hope the studio can delay the film long enough to suit his timetable. However with so much sequel money up for grabs, and with Wan’s career breaking into action flicks (he just posted on Facebook that he’s “finished with horror”), they may not wait around.

What would you like to see happen in a The Conjuring 2? Should it be the Warrens’ perspective on The Amityville Horror, or tackle a fresh case? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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  • kctobyjoe said

    A record, eh? Even better than _SAW_ opening???


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    • Sheridan Passell said
      Sheridan Passell

      ‘Saw’ had an $18 million opening weekend, it had to come from nowhere and build its reputation over time. ‘The Conjuring’ benefited from being quite similar to Wan’s ‘Insidious’ which was a massive hit.

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  • Jorden said

    I enjoyed The Conjuring very much and found it very interesting and refreshing compared to today’s horror movies, even though I wasn’t very scared watching it. I jumped a few times but even the lack of frights couldn’t take away from my enjoyment. Although the film did include some pretty commonplace unoriginal plot points (littlest child is friends with a supernatural being, It’s not a ghost….it’s a DEMON!), it doesn’t fail to entertain.

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  • Leviathan said

    The movie had it’s good moments but it wasn’t THAT scary to me. In fact, in the theater I was in, someone sneezed really loud and scared the crap out of everyone, it was probably the scariest moment we all experienced.

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  • Kiara said

    One of my main points of watching the movie was because of the cast, the movie had great acting’ with a great director I don’t think The Conjuring 2 will be the same without the same actors and same storyline like an after showing sort of.. It also won’t be the same without James Wan..

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  • Lori said

    By what Lorraine said to Ed at the end of the Conjuring, the sequel will be about Amityville.

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  • Brittney said

    I want to see their take on Amityville. Everyone has failed that story miserably (aside from the original.) Amityville+The Conjuring=WICKED! And I agree, at the end it looks like that will be the sequel.

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  • Moosh said

    We already know that “The Conjuring 2” will be based on the Amityville Horror considering that at the end of the movie, Lorraine informs Ed that the priest has a case in Long Island that he wanted them to look at, and the Amityville murders took place in Long Island.

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    • Sheridan Passell said
      Sheridan Passell

      It’s not a dead cert as James Wan has said they face a struggle getting the right to Amityville, they belong to a different studio. Wan: “Is this a prequel to Amityville? Well in terms of timeline it is, yes. But in terms of a set of movies, I don’t know. I’m not sure. [Neither] Warner Brothers or New Line own the rights to Amityville, so that’s probably a “no.””

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      • Bryan said

        I agree James Wan is a sad loss if they are to make a sequel, but I’m sure there are other directors who will, though not having Wan’s exact approach or “touch” (if you will), be able to pull it off. And as far as studios not having the rights to the Amityville horror story? Well the warrens being called intothe house to investigate the story and events the Warrens experienced in the house makes it their story as well. They may not have come into the story until AFTER the Lutz’s ordeal they still were physically present and had their own experiences there. And their experiences are totally different from the book, or the movies. Just because they happened at the same location I don’t think they would need the rights to what is essentially their story as well. AI think that as long as a studio has Lorraine Warren’s permission to share what happened to Ed and herself, I think there would be no problem.

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  • Bryan said

    As soon as I saw The Conjuring I said to myself (wow they should make a series of films based on Ed an Lorraine Warren’s cases and experiences. And I then thought the next film should be their experience investigating 112 Ocean Ave. (the Amityville horror house) We’ve heard the Lutz’s story for nearly 40 years. But I always thought that the Warren’s investigation was just as, if not more, terrifying. And taking into consideration that the last lines of the film had Lorraine’s character telling Ed’s character that the priest from whom they requested an exorcism for the Perrin’s had called to tell them that he had been given permission from the Vatican to perform, also told Lorraine that there was “a house in Long Island” he wanted them to investigate. Then Ed’s character says “We’ll give him a call in the morning”. Based upon that, I would have to say, that if they are going to make a sequel to the conjuring, it should certainly have to be about their investigation on the Amityville horror.

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  • cecy said

    I would wanna see more about annabell and more explanation about the posetions also for them to show real clips on actual ppl who got possessed. sort of like the fourth kind movie

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  • Sue said

    I think they should do the one about the Enfield Poltergeist in England. they’ve done the Amityville to death.

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  • west pittston pa said

    loved the conjuring , living near west Pittston,pa the Warren’s had a case here, involving, the Smurl family, a book was written about the haunting and a hokey tv movie was also made, I would love to see the story be a big budget big screen movie!

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  • joe madajewski said

    NOT ANOIHER AMITYVILLE; I live in Nanticoke, PA NEAR the whole Smurls debacle ;-(((
    I see Conjuring 2 is due in 2015; the lead actor; in 70’s side burns…who I forget… ran an unforgettable series on CBS which they canned (typical) about a caring Dr who saw his dead ex-wife.
    He is in ‘everything’ and enjoy his work forever !!!

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  • Sara said

    I would love to see the conjuring 2 I mean the first one was amazing … I even meet the warrens a couple time at my high school I live in Monroe C.T and that’s were the Warrens live

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  • Amanda said

    Even though at the end of The Conjuring there was talk of the Warrens going to Long Island to go speak to a priest about another family in need of their services. But I could of sworn that I saw the little girls doll from the re-make of Amityville Horror (starring Ryan Reynolds) already in their “storage room” where Annabell & the rest of the “artifacts” were stored. So unless I was mistaken and saw something that wasn’t there, then I think it would be really stupid to make yet ANOTHER Amyitville Horror film when they could make a movie based on another case they solved.
    Now, if they wanted to do Amityville or Conneticut as their 4th or 5th films then cool…but I wouldn’t jump out the gate with one of those as their 2nd films.
    Even though I have a strong feeling their going to do an Amityville based movie, I’m still hoping that they choose a different story/mystery that their going to solve in #2. Because then what would be next after Amityville? Conneticut? Poltergeist? Exorcist?…it’d just be nice to have a different horror film scare me then keep re-making all the classics. Although, it would be great (for a horror film buff as myself) to see all the classics get dissected from the Warrens POV, but then again it wouldn’t really make sense because they were never a part of the originals.
    The End

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