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Machete Kills – Trailer

Machete Kills Trailer
Bit self-explanatory this one: his name’s Machete and he kills people.

In what must be the first sequel ever to a film based on a mock trailer, Machete Kills is the next in a long line of Mexploitation films by Tarantino compadre Robert Rodriguez. Featuring Danny Trejo as the titular Federale, Machete is more or less a low-budget Mexican James Bond – if James Bond made a habit of using henchmen’s intestines to rappel out of windows. If the first film’s combination of Robert DeNiro as a racist, stetson-wearing Southern lawmaker and Lindsay Lohan in a nun’s outfit wasn’t enough to wet your appetite, Machete Kills is promising even more blood, sex and absurdity. Put it this way: when the first shot of your trailer involves a ringing red telephone and a pan across to a four-in-the-bed romp with Carlos Estevez AKA Charlie Sheen as the US President, you’ve got all the ingredients for a Bond-beating blockbuster.

The plot, as usual, seems fairly obligatory – left for dead, roaring rampage of revenge, etc., etc. All that matters here is the casting: Mel Gibson as a crazed revolutionary holding Washington ransom with a deadly missile! Lady Gaga as Lady Gaga as a canary blonde assassin! Cuba Gooding Jr. as a killer in a Cuba Gooding Jr. mask! Sophia Vergara with a pair of mini-gun breasts! Long before Machete flips a cigar boat and uses its propeller to mow down henchmen on a pier, you should probably realize that this film is not about subtlety; in fact, if you don’t realize that around the point the triple-bladed stabbing weapon makes its first appearance, you may have to reconsider your definition of the word “overkill”. Oh, yeah, and Jessica Alba and a one-eyed Michelle Rodriguez make their return to the series because really, at this point, why the hell not?

In any case, with the third film, Machete Kills Again, already green-lit – the trailer for the film is rumored to be attached to the end of this one, true grindhouse style – it looks like Trejo and Co. will be slicing and dicing for many years to come. All it remains to be seen is which ranting celeb Rodriguez has managed to entice on-board for the next one? Alec Baldwin? Chevy Chase? Have we officially forgiven Christian Bale yet?

Machete Kills is due out in the US on October 11th (UK release date TBC).

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