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Percy Jackson 3 – Sequel Plans

Percy Jackson 3 (Titan's Curse movie) - Sequel Plans
There’s been some Percy Jackson 3 talk in recent weeks. So what has been said and how likely is a sequel?

There are five books in the Percy Jackson series, so far. The next installment is ‘The Titan’s Curse’ which sees Percy ambushed by Manticore (half-human, half-lion) as he brings two new demigods into camp. Annabeth is kidnapped and the general of the Titans prepares to release a skeleton army onto the world. Percy and four friends must undertake a dangerous quest to put things right, even though the Camp’s Oracle has prophesied that not all of them will survive…

At the box office over the weekend Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters earned $14 million, less than half of Lightning Thief’s $31m. However this time it opened midweek, internationally it’s opened bigger so far, and it has the added bonus of 3D. All in all it looks like it will get close to Lightning Thief’s final total of $88m domestic, $137m foreign. Its production budget was also around $90m.

Among the critics, Sea of Monsters didn’t do as well as Lightning Thief (35% vs 49% on RT) but, more importantly, fans reacted better to it, with a user score of 6.5 on IMDB compared to 5.8 – in IMDB language that’s a significant difference.

The studio knows Sea of Monsters would have opened stronger if they hadn’t waited three-and-a-half years since the previous movie. Potter and Twilight never had gaps of more than two years. They need to get Titan’s Curse out in 2015 for maximum return. Indeed there’s an unconfirmed rumour that Fox has its eye on October that year.

Summing up, a third film is more likely than not given the numbers and fan reaction, but this is a series that’s limping forwards, not charging. Unlike Potter, the studio will be judging whether to keep going one film at a time.

What would you like to see happen in Percy Jackson 3 (Titan’s Curse)? Did you prefer Sea of Monsters or Lightning Thief? How can they improve on both? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Sources: BoxOfficeMojo, The Wrap

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  • Percy Jackson fan said

    There must be the whole series! They are so good and logan is a perfect percy I’m so excited to see more of them I love them all so far.

    Thumb up 465 Thumb down 26

    • Brina said

      Duh they should have a whole series I enjoyed Rick’s books and the sea of monsters movie was AWESOME !!!!! Make MORE!!!!!!!!!!

      Thumb up 363 Thumb down 19

    • Rebecca said

      We MUST have the WHOLE series… to follow the books (as closely as possible anyway) 🙂 🙂
      Logan is the best Percy 🙂 and I REALLY hope they don’t change Any of the other main characters since the first movie either 🙂

      Thumb up 38 Thumb down 4

    • lilah said

      I hope they make more percy Jackson movies and Logan lerman was a good percy for both and I hope the make the amount of movies as books hope to see a percy Jackson 3.

      Thumb up 4 Thumb down 0

    • Anna said

      Does anyone know when the next one will be.

      Thumb up 2 Thumb down 0

  • Patricier21 said

    I would like a third film and personally think that it is a bad idea that they discontinue the series. Sea of Monsters was a HUGE improvement over the first one as it actually did the book justice and was really well written as a film. They really made it well done as a film. To improve on it they need to make it darker and keep on making it a good structure and script, adding on to the cinematic universe by putting certain things in like the Cafe, etc.

    Thumb up 275 Thumb down 24

  • Kaya McKlier said

    How can they make another film? They’ve changed the story too much that it’s wrecked the potential for further films! They put the entire plot of the fifth book and main events of the fourth book into the second film. They’ve got nothing to go on!

    Thumb up 127 Thumb down 301

    • Patricier21 said

      They do have more to go on. Explain to me how they cannot

      Thumb up 154 Thumb down 43

    • madison said

      they didn’t put basically any information about the last olympian or the battle at the labrynth in the sea of monsters at all.. percy finds out about Kronos in the sea of monsters anyways and thats why he was in it! i think they have a big enough plot line to go on to make another movie and then two more to finish the series.

      Thumb up 95 Thumb down 36

      • Pan said

        I would like a new movie, I just don’t what to put in it. I mean, they practically ended the whole story by setting up a big fight with Kronos when this battle was supposed to be on the last book. They could’ve really put the Circe scene or the Sirens part (Sorry, Percabeth fan here).

        Thumb up 57 Thumb down 14

    • tt said

      the first movie was good and the secound movie was good and ten times better then stupid harry porter. They should make a third and a fourth and 5th.

      Thumb up 62 Thumb down 44

    • Kell said

      Even though the movie was nowhere as good as the book, I would like to see a third movie. I’m kind of mixed in my reaction to both movies.

      Thumb up 25 Thumb down 2

    • Thijs said

      Totally right. I truly am addicted to those books but the movies all were failures comparing to the books.

      Thumb up 5 Thumb down 2

  • Patrick said

    percy would have been better if they actualy followed the plot line of the books. People like the books for a reason and not the movies for a reason. It would also be better if me and my cousin were hired as Nico and Bianca.

    Thumb up 107 Thumb down 108

  • Sarah said

    I, as a fan of the books, loved the sea of monsters. They didn’t have all of the good scenes from the book but they made new ones that were similar. I liked it even more than the lightning thief. It would be great If they had more of the important scenes in the third movie. I really hope they keep making the movies and keep improving as they go along.

    Thumb up 190 Thumb down 10

  • Joshua Grotte said

    They need to follow the book a little better. I’m not saying that the book needs to be the movie’s script, there’s no way it could be. The thing that bothered me about The Sea of Monsters though is that, in all 5 books, Kronos never rises to his full form, the closest he gets is when he takes over Luke’s body. I will continue to watch every movie you produce from this series, but wether I recommend it to all my friends is the debate. In Titans curse they need not to take a long intro and then speed through the end like in SoM. they made a joke out of Polyphemus and made Kronos appear as the huge fight scene. That’s not what they needed to do. If you make Poly less of a joke and a huge threat and make an amazing fight scene with him, Kronos never has to come in and you don’t have to make readers disappointed. One last thing, the Andromeda needs to be bigger, a lot bigger, like Carnival cruise ship big. Thank you for reading if you actually did. There is more I’d like to discuss so if you will email me I will make sure you quit dissapointing readers

    Thumb up 187 Thumb down 22

    • Blaise Smith said

      I totally agree with you Josh!

      Thank you for mentioning the Andromeda … I took my 5 year old son and he even noticed that it wasn’t a carnival cruise ship!!!

      Thumb up 64 Thumb down 14

    • Jake said

      They have a new director now and he is trying to make it more like the movie, so I hope they do the whole series. I love the book and the movies; I think that the 2nd movie (sea of monsters) did the book justice as I really liked the movie. It was phenomenal!

      Thumb up 88 Thumb down 9

  • Rebecca said

    A lot of fans on my website loved the movie and have already seen it many times! If all fans get on board to see it than Titan’s Curse will happen! Critics ripped SoM apart as the continuously compared it to Harry Potter. Percy isn’t Harry and it needs to be seen differently. There is still hope for more Percy Jackson movies!

    Thumb up 135 Thumb down 7

    • Laman said

      I agree with you completely they need to understand HP and PJO are different so they shouldn’t compare it, even the actors themselves said that they’re different in many ways.

      Thumb up 57 Thumb down 4

    • Aliece said

      You don’t compare Percy to Harry Percy is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY out of Harry’s league. I just hope The movies are close to the books.

      Thumb up 37 Thumb down 27

      • Mallory said

        I think that both Percy and Harry have their ups and downs. Neither of them are perfect. That’s why we all relate to them, so stop comparing them, even if you are defending one there are some people out there who think you’re not defending either, just ripping on the one.
        Percy and Harry are NOT similar in any way, besides their general looks and that they’re fictional characters.

        Thumb up 46 Thumb down 3

  • Nathalie said

    I wish they would make the whole series!!
    I love both ‘The lighting theif’ and ‘The sea of monsters’
    Please please please.. Make them all a movie!!

    Thumb up 122 Thumb down 10

    • Percyfan said

      Yes, please make another movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I loved the Sea of Monsters it was way better than the Lightning Thief.

      Thumb up 87 Thumb down 11

  • Louis said

    I’m really hoping that The Titan’s Curse is made. They have a chance to really focus on the book and what fans want now. The ending of SOM was perfect and “Titan’s Curse” would be closer to what the critics are looking for (emotional weight). Some deft scriptwriting could even gloss over the changes that took place in SOM.

    Thumb up 103 Thumb down 7

  • Corrie povey said

    I watched the film earlier in 3D and I must say it was way better than the lightning thief . They stuck to (most of) the book and did it justice . They missed parts of the book back but made it better by adding in extra bits like the cafe and the theme park and Kronos sort of rising … The ending to SoM couldn’t have been done any better in my opinion and to not make the Titans Curse would be stupid because so many more people would pay to see it because of where SoM left off. Aslong as they have nico and bianca , the hunters and Artemis then I don’t see a problem with it in all honesty – one iffy thing about SoM though … silena Beauregard being known to be on Kronos’ side – kinda ruins some of TLO if they were to make that into a film… I feel that they realised they made mistakes in TLF such as not having Clarisse and Mr D and the way that they introduced Hermes was a great idea . However , why have they told Percy the prophecy of him so early ? It just doesn’t all make sense … And what happens to Tantalus or who ever he is , he was meant to be in SoM. however I fell the film was amazing and that they MUST make tTC film!!!

    Thumb up 59 Thumb down 10

  • Heylee said

    Recently saw Sea of Monsters. Fell in love with it. Also liked the Lightening Thief. Make a 3rd one soon.

    Thumb up 87 Thumb down 9

  • piper said

    I love the percy jackson series and the heroes of olympus series. and i fell in love with the two movies!!!!!!!! of course they weren’t perfect but still i really loved them and i really hope, pray, and wish that they do the whole series!!!!!!! and maybe they can make movies out of the hero of olympus series!!! SO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE A THIRD MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thumb up 82 Thumb down 10

  • Giska anandita said

    Im a fan of the whole Percy Jackson and the Olympian and Heroes of Olympus. First time I watch the first movie I feel like what the hell they do with the story, but then they make a sequel (haven’t watch SoM yet cause its not released in my country yet) but I heard people say that it way better than the first one. So let’s make a clear, theyve make a big mistake from the 1st movie Percy should just be a twelve years old not a sixteen boy (but I love Logan Lerman tho) and then boom they change the properchy to 20th from 16th y.o. I don’t think they will make it until House of Olympus cause Logan will be too old to play as Percy and will be another story if they remake it in the future but still just hoping they will finish this series until the last Olympian and for the titans curse they should cast nico, Bianca, Zoe and another very well ☺ I’m sorry if my comment is too long and don’t even make a sense, thanks ☺

    Thumb up 68 Thumb down 1

  • Ellen said

    I’ve have read all eight books of so far, still waiting on the ninth to come out this year. Please make the third one.

    Thumb up 58 Thumb down 7

  • PercyAnnabeth said

    Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters is much much better than the first movie Lightning Thief. I love all the books. Titan’s Curse is much better than first 2 books. Making a movie Percy Jackson and the Titan’s Curse will be much much much better than first 2 movies if they make this true closer to the book. Books Titan’s Curse book 3, Battle of Labyrinth book 4, and the Last Olympian book 5 are great to read and better than the first 2 books. Movie in book 3, 4 and 5 will be the best than first 2 movies. I hope.

    Thumb up 67 Thumb down 7

    • Mallory said

      But, you guys know, that if they were to make the entire series, there’d PROBABLY be six movies. They ALWAYS split up the last movie, no matter how big it is. Like in Harry Potter, the order of the Phoenix is a hundred pages longer that the deathly hallows, but which one did they make into two parts?-the deathly hallows.

      Thumb up 43 Thumb down 4

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