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Kick-Ass 3 – Sequel Plans

Kick-Ass 3 Movie Plot Secrets - Sequel
After a number of Kick-Ass 3 reveals in recent weeks, what has been said and how likely is a sequel?

Kick-Ass 2 opened below expectations at the box office this weekend with around $13.5 million, $6m less than its predecessor. This is partly due to the needlessly negative critical/blogger reaction, which created doubt and stopped many from going. It almost put me off, but Kick-Ass 2 turned out to be one of the best movies I’ve watched this year. The public who have seen it love it too (a 7.5 user score on IMDB is very strong). This should mean similarly strong dvd/blu-ray sales, which propelled Kick-Ass into sequel territory. The key factor though is that Kick-Ass 2’s production budget was only $28m, just like the first movie. It’ll make that back by the end of its theatrical run.

With the movie set to make a profit, albeit not as much as last time, it’ll be up to the creative team if they want to complete the trilogy (the source material was always written that way). Any release date is likely to be many years away since they’ll wait for home entertainment results to come in, mull it over, then, as happened with Kick-Ass 2, it could take some considerable time to align everyone’s increasingly busy schedules.

So what can you expect to happen in Kick-Ass 3? As before, the vast majority of material will inevitably come from Mark Millar’s comic book series. *** HUGE SPOILERS AHEAD *** The ending of Kick-Ass 2 differs from the graphic novel in a number of key ways. The comic’s less conclusive, more Empire Strikes Back, with Hit-Girl being locked up in a high-security prison. The movie’s post-credits scene shows the Motherf**ker has lost his lower legs and arms, but in the comic his limbs are intact.

Issues 1 and 2 of Kick-Ass 3 the graphic novel are already available. They see Justice Forever team up to stage a daring prison break for Hit-Girl, only to chicken out and run away to “train some more”, leaving her trapped –

Kick-Ass 3 Movie Plot

– With high school done, Marty (Battle Guy) proves himself a boy genius and goes off to Harvard, while Dave (Kick-Ass) and Todd (Ass-Kicker) end up working in a burger joint. Dave is trying not to find it cool that his father was killed by a villain, just like Bruce Wayne. A new ‘superhero’ called The Juicer starts living in Hit-Girl’s private headquarters, acting like an asshole lazy leach. Meanwhile, The Motherf**ker, who has been in prison hospital for 6 months, finds that the charges against him have been dropped thanks to his uncle Rocco’s mob connections. However there’s a backlash against The Motherf**ker on Twitter which has him scared for his life. Uncle Rocco, known as the Ice Man for putting ice picks through people’s heads, is shaping up to be the main villain, assembling a supermob encompassing every criminal gang on the east coast. The Motherf**ker is having serious regrets about his super-villain past, hinting that he might be about to switch sides. Meanwhile his mother (already dead in the movie) has a big role, sneakily getting close to Kick-Ass and Ass-Kicker, and saving her son when Colonel Stars’ brother tries to assassinate him in the hospital.

As to where the story goes from there, Millar will only say “it’s the logical conclusion of what would happen if you were a realistic superhero. Dave’s story ends in 3, that’s it.” It’ll be Millar’s last Kick-Ass novel. But maybe not his last Hit-Girl story…

What would you like to see happen in Kick-Ass 3 (movie version)? Did you prefer Kick-Ass 1 or 2? How can they improve on both? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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  • J.D.W. said

    I did’nt see the second one, but I do remember seeing the trailer and I did’nt like what I saw.
    I heard the second Kick-Ass is’nt doing very well, I can’t believe they’re making a third one.

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    • Sheridan Passell said
      Sheridan Passell

      These are cult films, not summer blockbusters, even though their posters might suggest otherwise. They are made very sensibly when it comes to budget, this’ll have no problem making $28 million back. It’ll be down to the creatives whether they want to complete the trilogy.

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    • Jspellert said

      I will say only now watching the movie in November, I do think the trailers did do the movie a disservice. They appeared too over the top, slap happy, and silly. Yet all the scenes from the trailer actually fit the movie very well which has a more serious and straight forward undertone and an excellent story. It’s another example of bad marketing for a good comic book movie, like Dredd.

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    • yahir said

      if they’re making a third one i think its going to be awsome:>
      im excited:>

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    • coccococo said

      Don’t hate Kick Ass 1 and 2, they’re both epic films and should be loved around the whole world.

      We need a third Kick Ass film so we can see what happens between hit girl and kick ass, and also if hit girl gets caught by the police so kick ass can just come and save her. It’ll be EPIC!!!!!

      Can’t wait if they go through with it!!!!

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  • Brian negron said

    Both kick ass 1 and 2 were both awesome!!!! And I’m glad they might be making a 3rd part. It only got better from both movies and I hope it continues to do so. I also think hit girl and kick ass need to wind-up together (relationship). What the movie could use is more fighting, I saw an improvement with kick ass skills but I think he should be even better in the 3rd. And as for hit girl she was already the best fighter she should be even more unstoppable. All I gotta say is try to make kick ass 3 the best one; so that way every movie only got better.

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    • John Trevalnie said


      Hit Girl and Kick-Ass are supposed to be platonic friends. They aren’t supposed to be lovers. That is a detail Jeff Wadlow messed up. He ruined the character of Katie Deauxma who is supposed to be Kick-Ass’s girlfriend in the movie universe to get us to accept a different girl as Kick-Ass’s girlfriend.

      While some people liked it, it wasn’t enough to not make Kick-Ass 2 a financial disappointment. Personally KA2 went against what made KA1 great.

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  • Jean Pepper said

    Both the first and second movies were really good, but I definitely preferred the second one. It was so much funnier. The third one has to conclude with hit girl and kick ass getting together because that would be the perfect ending to an amazing trio of films.

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    • David Wilkinson said

      That will be a good idea. But mindy was leaving new york. How was that impossible, but the kissing was amazing. That will happen.

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  • David Wilkinson said

    The end part that i know that David (Aaron Johnson) works-out and makes his new mask (just like batman’s mask). I think the 3rd one should be like when detective Marcus is out looking for Mindy.
    Is just because she’s leaving new York, and didn’t tell Marcus
    of where she is. So he’s with the cops inside her room & into inside the house worrying-sick.

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  • gd smith said

    kick Ass was great. kickass 2? Shitola IMO, but if it makes money another one will happen.

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  • Steve said

    Loved em both. Kick-ass rocks! Sorry to hear about the crap-talkers, but the world is made up by billions of small minds. How is anyone to know that they just ate a s**t sandwich and want to share? Kick ass 2 was easily as much fun as the first one, though I wish Hit Girl had had more screen time. She totally rocks. All in all definitely worth watching.

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  • Craig Tosh said

    Kickass is amazing ive saw both films ive read both comics the comics are more graphic alot more gory but i love the story of them kickass 2 didnt sell enough because of 2 fings first jim carey y u cant suport the filmcos of the violence in it is beyond me thers much worse films out ther thats been worse and it jst didnt have that shock factor that makes ppl talk bout it like the first film did wif hit girl being so young swearing alot and killing alot so it was repetitive it needed a new upgrade i fink if u read the comics it could have done more alot more trust me 2 shock everyone bt will c how the 3rd film gets on hopefully it will get made al b dissapointed if it doesnt and it needs 2 b like the first one again very gane changer like very dark and relentless 2 stand out from other superhero films

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  • Country said

    I like both of the movies im defiantly a kick ass fan more so hit girl lol but i think if they want to make more money and have a good selling movie the should start a love story with kick ass & hit girl … everyone loves a good love story it will help the movie a lot …. Also the should have kick ass doing exactly what his name is kicking ass by the 3rd movie he should be able to fight like hit girl done with high school …. BE A MAN. the movie has a lot of potent just needs the right people thinking of the right ideas for it. also hit girl should be at least 17 so people wont say she is to young for kick ass

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  • yuvraj said

    All I know is that kick ass 3 would be a flop if there’s no hit girl in it. And by hit girl I totally mean chloë grace moretz. I love her and I’d watch it only for her.

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    • Sarthak said

      Yeah………man thats right hit girl = Chloë Grace Moretz….
      No Chloë no hit..girl she is the reason why I love kick ass… It’s a great movie having a great storyline but Kick ass is punk in a wet suit playing dressup The real bad ass is HIT GIRL… They should make the 3rd one… Heard Chloë saying that, the movie flops because of the pirated copies and if want to see the 3rd 4th and 5th part you will have have watch the movie…and say bye bye to the pirated copies… And at last she says dont hold your breath for Kick Ass 3 I don’t think it will come…. So friends we should blame ourselves because of us we can’t see the third one because we buy pirated disc’s to save our pocket money pray for the next sequel plzz… Chloë says there is a chance so pray so that we can see the next one…!!

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  • Bushra said

    I loved both movies and I think that the ending of Kickass2, where Mindy kisses Dave, shows that in the next movie there could be a relationship between both of them. I think that Kickass 3 is going to start with something really bad happening in NY and the superheroes need more help so Dave contacts Mindy somehow and when she returns to NY, she is going to shock Dave because she is going to be a grown woman not a young girl anymore, this can result in Dave falling love with Mindy. I also think that the bad guy of Kickass 3 could be Chris’ uncle in jail.

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  • Ghost said

    I think the ideas like dave and hit girl getting together would be excellent for kick ass 3 and we should try to get this idea out there i would really like the directer to see how great this idea is im really pumped for kick ass 3 if they make it

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  • tony said

    This movie was the best movie of 2013 don’t listen to the bad critics just go and watch it

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  • Kellay said

    I didn’t really like the trailer but I never cared about trailers anyway, they either show all the action in one trailer or show not enough to prove it’s a good movie.

    But yesterday I went to the premiere and I have to say this is indeed a 5/5 star rating for me. The first movie has a bit of a tedious part wich is normal because you get the full introduction, who are they, what do they want etc, in 2 you don’t have that anymore and they used it well. The cast was great, the storyline was great and at some parts I laughed so hard while at other parts I was about to burst into tears, it had everything.

    During the end credits I googled if there was a part after the credits (after all, this is a Marvel movie) and there was and it kinda proves to me there will be a part 3 or at least they keep the option open, but it would be a shame if there wouldn’t be a part 3 because I already look forward to it.

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  • Jaber said

    I loved the first and second movie, I don’t understand the bad critics (if someone doesn’t like try to stay neutral).

    I am sure that they will make a third movie, with the original remaining cast. Hit-Girl will return, the next villain is obvious, kick-ass 3 will kick ass.

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    • gd smith said

      So basically if you paid to see a movie and thought it sucked you should say stuff like “it’s not my kind of thing” while the fans inflate ratings and indulge in hyperbole or whatever! I note that this kind of argument only ever seems to crop up with superhero and science fiction films, fans of which are the biggest whiners on the net.
      Boo hoo Adam Sandler beat us at the box office.
      Wah wah, girls like sissy things’
      Mommy, stop letting little kid see the smurfs because it soo childish and for babies.

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  • hi said

    i really hope they make a next film. and they should have the part when hit-girl gets arrested. it will be bad ass to see how they break her out.

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