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Resident Evil 6 – News Roundup

Resident Evil 6 Movie - Plot, Release Date, etc
We know it’s coming, but when do we expect to see Resident Evil 6 and what has been said about the film so far?

While ticket sales in the U.S. saw a notable drop off with Resident Evil: Retribution (the most recent installment), internationally the Resident Evil series is still riding an incredible wave. Retribution took $240m foreign, compared to $147m for the third film, and $102m for the first. It remains a money-making machine.

The only question is, after five movies, how close are director Paul W.S. Anderson and his wife Milla Jovovich to getting bored and passing on the reins? Well, it seems pretty close. All indications are that Resident Evil 6 will be their last movie before the series is rebooted. Anderson has said it will be the final one he directs, and Jovovich has said it will be the last time she plays Alice.

Sony has pegged a September 2014 release date for the sixth movie, but that may be premature. While Anderson has said on the set of Pompeii that he “looks forward to directing [Resident Evil 6] this fall”, Jovovich has stated on Twitter that a 2015 release is most likely.

As for the plot of Resident Evil 6, it’s expected to follow on directly from Retribution. That ended on a bit of a cliffhanger with Wesker injecting Alice with the T-virus, to restore her superhuman powers, and explaining it was up to her to save humanity from extinction at the hands of the Red Queen.

Anderson says, “In terms of returning characters and themes, I do see [it] coming full circle. And circling back to the original characters and themes that were featured in the very first film. That’s why you saw the return of the Red Queen, and Michelle Rodriguez’s character. It is preparing you for a return to the hive, and a return to the scene of the first film… We’ve taken the audience on this epic journey, and then ultimately realising that the journey comes back to the very beginning. Hopefully it makes them reexamine everything they have seen in the franchise.” He adds, “[You’ll see] the destruction and loss of the world. But I can’t tell you if it’s the loss of the entire world”.

What would you like to see in Resident Evil 6 (the movie)? Are there particular parts of the game franchise you’d like to see it touch on? Do you want to see the series rebooted? Sound off in the comments below.

Sources: Toronto Star, MovieWeb

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  • ad4m22 said

    What would *I* like to see in Resident Evil 6, you ask?

    Anderson’s head on a pike.
    Capcom’s executives apologising for the mess that was RE6 and a promise to disregard the films and stop trying to incorporate them into the games.
    George Romero to do the version of RE that he wrote. It was good.

    Just for starters.

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    • Sheridan Passell said
      Sheridan Passell

      George Romero do a zombie movie? Has he watched The Matrix? Does he love action and slow-mo? Seems totally inappropriate.

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  • Soren Mason said

    There was sublime storylines for the Resident Evil 6 film posted on Facebook. (Page title: Resident Evil 6: Afterbirth/Armageddon). I did visited and read the two stortlines [part 1 and part 2 (2-1/2-2)] and they were incredible. I think the author of it was a huge fan of RE films. He was grateful if his creations will me somehow recognized and implemented for the real movie. I like his storylines and recommend for all the readers or anyone (especially the movie industry) to use his works. A Part 1 on 2014/2015 and part 2 on 2015/2016, since this is the trending thing for most movie finale. I feel that it will give such enormous boot for the film series. I am happy to share this news. And I am also a big fan of RE movies, Dir. Paul Anderson and Milla Jovovich.

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  • J.D.W. said

    Well I knew they would make a sixth one, considering the cliffhanger at the end of Resident Evil Retribution.
    Atleast this sixth film might be the last R.E. film.
    The question is what would the title be?

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    • Sheridan Passell said
      Sheridan Passell

      Wild guesses – Resident Evil: Extermination, Resident Evil: Annihilation, Resident Evil: Endgame, Resident Evil: Termination, Resident Evil: Zero Hour.

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  • stevan said

    I want to see chris and clair redfield come back as
    Well as kmart.

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  • Nikko69. said

    Hell yea!!! They need to reboot this sh*t!! I’m the biggest Resident Evil fan out their, and what they’ve done with the Resident Evil title with their garbage movies is exactly that..garbage! It has so much more potential than what they’ve done with it.. i mean If they put the time an effort into combining the game plot with the movie plot, then it could have the potential of the Batman movies.. And don’t show us exactly everything that happened in the games in the movie, but mabey show how Oswell E. Spencer, James Marcus, and ash ford build the mansion facility outside of Raccoon City and show the betrayal of how Oswell ordered Albert Wesker and Hunk to assassinate James Marcus for his research on the T- virus.. Just please take your time, think, and fix the movie before I shoot you. Thank you..

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  • spadeyman said

    Honestly i think the director and Milla did a absolute fine job with the resident evil saga..in actuality if you played all the games as i did you will notice they covered almost all the bases with their work on the movies..its virtually impossible to mimic the game step by step because of the real life actors and the time frame the movie has before it gets boring..all the people that descriminate against Milla and her husband are just being typical and probably never even loved or played the RE saga as i do..because one thing they forgot Is how long and in depth the game play was..so how can anyone possibly expect that same effect when the average movie Is 2hrs long..how can they expect veiwers to be willing to sit and watch each movie for 24hrs be for real..honestly that what it would take to incorporate ever aspect of the game..so please everyone don’t comment on things you have no idea about and please think things thru before you do..and give my Milla and her husband their respect because they did the best job they could taking the time frame of movie length.. Love you Milla and i hope this Is not your last movie but if it is i respect you and your husbands judgment..regardless you will always be my favorite female actress..and your husband will always be the best director in my eyes

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    • John said

      I totally agree. PWS Anderson is also my fav film director. He has not one ounce of arrogance about him, as a person. Whorelywood would have people believe it’s (at least) in part a requirement in the business. It’s not. And it’s awesome to have people like PWS Anderson and Jeremy Bolt in the industry, and being successful with it. The film industry in the 21st has, like the music industry, and tv industry, became unbelievably stale. People who just blindly, mindlessly diss Paul, ought to get down on their knees and give thanks people like him are in the entertainment business, amongst all those trying to convince people something is more “real” cause it’s “gritty”. Job ONE is to entertain. A renown director like Scorsese doing Shutter Island is a great example. People say they laugh a movie like RE:R…but how about the start of Scorsese’s SI, where the car is pulling up to the gates and THAT music kicks in…I nearly wet myself with laughter at the complete overly-done nature of it. What junk…and that was just the beginning. Then we have Christopher Nolan and his P.R. machine! “If you ‘get’ this film of Chris’s you’re smart, cause Chris makes ‘smart’ films”…psh!!! Please! Gimme a break! And as for the “real” argument…how does Baleman fall out of a window in TDK, 3 seconds AFTER another person…STILL fall faster than them WITHOUT the use of a grappling hook shot into the floor (even Batman and Robin’s Schumacher KNEW showing the use of one would be vital in similar situations), then (after grabbing said falling woman) crashes HEAVILY on a car roof with said woman’s neck cradled on his bicep – and WITHOUT BREAKING HER NECK…she just skips away fine, thanks very much lol. Nolan’s movies “smart”?…gimme a break. Nolan’s movies any better than PWS Anderson’s?..gimme a break. Bit of a rant there…but anybody reading this and not in dumba$$ denial can see, a fair one. A movie or film is there to entertain…anything else is a documentary. Sorry (actually, I’m not really), but people who diss PWS Anderson p me off lol. đŸ˜‰

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      • John said

        Reason? They never have a valid argument for the dissing. It’s just “slap out at somebody else like a big girl’s blouse” dissing.

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  • spadeyman said

    One more thing I must add did anyone see the tokyo action scene in the begining of RE5 when milla had the chain and the gun….whew those moves were legendary for a female if I say soo myself I don’t think there will ever be a woman that moves that good in platform shoes how can you not respect that..martial arts on heels….please don’t hate appreciate milla and her husband

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  • HoboWithAShotgun said

    Resident Evil Afterbirth. STOP MAKING THESE MOVIES, They are truly terrible.

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    • BIG RE said


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      • Sheridan Passell said
        Sheridan Passell

        One reason they make good profit is because they’re made on the cheap. The producer writes it himself. No expensive character actors, just the producer’s wife in the lead role. Lots of corners are cut.

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  • Eb said

    I want Clair and Chris redfeild back (really just wentworth miller) I loved their characters so much and Alice of course

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  • Mike said

    well, first resident evil there are many fans waiting for the sixth installment of the film which for me the five delivery was a mess because the role of the characters was very little the duration is 1:35 and that no special effects were recording have made plagiarism of old movies, alice twins, the return of the characters, the Red Queen, wesker, for me the 4th installment was better than 5, because the role of the characters they understood completely was related to the three delivery kmart and the search for the umbrella corporation revenge alice makeup and characters was excellent, there was five delivery relationship with the 4th poque wanted to alice again if he had lost his powers are supposed to be originally owed the maqillaje brothers alice refield the deb, the director Poul W. good has a long way to run RE but I respect him a lot as the sack on the series 4 and 5 special delivery IN the effects of the five delivery scene I liked most was all that was great corridor Milla Jovovich thousand compliments for her a woman to do all that must be hard but she had a double, good will Poul W directs now RE had to continue without finishing the series but apparently seems q 6 provides a restart will be back where the first movie, you have to think well Poul you have to give emotion Asher, a good role to all the characters, because if RE can more

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  • Tony T said


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  • Dave said

    I love these movies!
    There’s a cool fanpage on Instagram! It’s @my_name_is_alice_

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  • Terrell said

    Why does all the females have these super human powers, healing, and strength? Anti male much. I still enjoy the series. I believe these would’ve made a better seasonal hour series than movie for the sake of having a better game-to-movie storyline. None the less, I’m looking forward to the next installment.

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    • billi said

      Since women have a more higher pain tolerance to males! well known fact to back that up… which is one of many…giving birth! I don’t see a man capable enough to push a 3kg baby out! It’s the same as me saying why isn’t a women playing the roles of The Matrix or Riddick or Batman! Anti women much…

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  • Thomas Rius said

    I found two storylines at http://www.facebook.com/RE6MOVIE. I love both of them.I recommend to visit the page/site.

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  • juan vamp said

    Creo que lo mejor de la saga esta por vers en la ultima ,una Alice dandole duro a Hordas de zombies (con sus poderes) y el duelo final con Wesker bien a lo Matrix:Revoluciones . Nos gustaria ver personajes que faltaron . de los principios del juego y alguno de los monstruos ¨Gigantes¨

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