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Thor 3 Release Date, Villain, Plot

Thor: The Dark World has swung big in its opening weekend, but there’s already plenty of talk about what’s next for the crown prince of Asgard. So what can we expect to see in Thor 3 and when might it arrive?

The Dark World raked in an impressive $85 million opening weekend in the U.S. and while that’s not as thunderous as The Avengers‘ $200m, it’s up 30% on the first Thor and evidence there’s life in the franchise yet.

If your movie makes 30% more than its predecessor, and your star is already signed for at least one more standalone film, then you make another movie – it’s simple. Marvel supremo Kevin Feige says that certain elements at the end of The Dark World hint at a direction for the third film, adding, “We definitely have a story we’d like to tell”.

So things are looking good, but when might we see it? Feige has said there won’t be a full Thor outing until after May 2015’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, in which Thor reunites with Iron Man and co. In fact, Marvel’s slate is already laid out until the end of 2015, so 2016 is the earliest, and most likely time.


The Dark World has the traditional mid-credits sequence, this time featuring The Collector, played by Benicio Del Toro, previewing the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. That means there’s no clear sign which new villain we will see in Thor 3, however Chris Hemsworth has hinted that the series may be heading toward the Ragnarok storyline.

“I think in the comic book, the end of days, Armageddon aspect is probably the direction in which it will all head,” he said. “Where it’s sort of the end of all things. When I was reading the comic books I thought it was an interesting way to go.” This destruction of Asgard storyline would probably see the introduction of the fire demon Surtur (below).

Thor 3 Villain, Release Date, Plot
Whether that happens or not, Thor 3 will certainly see him face down his half-brother Loki, who faked his death before replacing Odin at the end of The Dark World. Played by Tom Hiddleston, Loki has proved a very popular character in the Marvel movie franchise – their most popular villain in fact – so after resting him for Avengers 2, be in doubt he will return in a major way.

Meanwhile it looks like Anthony Hopkins may not be back again. While the whereabouts of Odin at the end of The Dark World was left somewhat ambiguous, Hopkins has suggested that his character may have met his end. “Maybe Odin dies,” he said. “I don’t know… I’ve done two – that’s enough.” He doesn’t sound keen. Then again he might be angling for a higher fee – a common tactic.

What would you like to see happen in Thor 3? When should it be released? Who should the villain be? Are you interested in seeing the apocalypse storyline, or a more personal Loki showdown? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Bumrun said

    Try saying “Thor 3” without sounding like a camp wizard talking about magic.

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  • Eddie said

    I would like for Odin be back and Loki as personal issue kill Odin and Thor feeds revenge on Loki for the death of his father and include apocalipsis, to make the storyline interested

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  • J.D.W. said

    I think the third one should take where the Dark World left off, and introduce the Enchantress, and the Executioner, and have Loki be the masterrmind and plan to bring the Demon Sertur to Asgard.
    Then have an intense Thor vs Loki battle.

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  • Loki said

    I just want a Loki spin-off film. Yes, I’m a Loki fan-girl, but it would still be cool just to see more of Loki’s personal life because it’s still debatable if his more or less suckish life is enough to try and kill everyone over. Even if there wasn’t a spin-off film, more of Loki would be great. Besides, who doesn’t love Loki’s sarcasm?
    One last thing, was I the only one who saw Loki’s coming back to life (even if he didn’t technically die)? I almost cried when he ‘died’, but soon realized that they couldn’t kill Marvel’s most popular character just like that.

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    • Lynda said

      Alight another Loki fan..I too almost cried on the Loki “death” scene..Im glad he is back..dont know why I like the bad boys lol

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    • loki said

      I want Loki to be all over Thor 3 because I love him and his sarcasim and how He fights with his brother all the time

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  • Loki said


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  • lady laufeyson said

    I am just going to say, that if you kill him ( you know who I’m talkin’ about) i will, find you and I will kill you. Alright?
    Anyway, we’ll love it no matter what you do.

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  • Robin Gun said

    I’d love to see Loki find some peace with his adopted family of whom only possibly Odin and Thor are alive. Yet, still have Loki as a semi-bad guy. I mean he is supposed to be the god of chaos god or joker god so he is constantly switching sides but we’ve only seen him as “bad”.

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  • Brandon said

    Thor and co. become suspicious that “Odin” isn’t really Odin. After a time, it is discovered that Odin is dead and it is revealed that Loki is king. Loki is driven out but not killed. Thor finally accepts the crown. Loki’s escape leads to Avengers 3 where Thanos and the Other seek out Loki to kill him for his defeat in Avengers 1. Sentiment leads Thor to summon the Avengers and save his brother.

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  • rob said

    I would like thor to finally show fully what he is capable of I’m terms of strength and powers, I mean great job so far but this is every bit as a majestic character as superman but we have not yet shown anything that quite captures that type of majesty. Like I said great job So far but for the third installment lets put the full arsenal on display mabey a sort of fully coming in to his own remember there is more to his” parentage” then most audiences know , which could explain his struggle emotionally between asgard and midgard

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  • Kylie said

    I would love to see in Thor 3 that Loki is king of Asgard as he fooled Thor to acting as his father Odin, to be king that Thor doesn’t want to be king leaves Asgard and lives with Jane trying to be a normal man. But then some sad news receiving to Thor about his father has been killed, not knowing who has killed his father, Thor wishes to not believe that his father is dead and tries to find his father, Loki knows that his brother Thor has been living with Jane, he kidnaps Jane to try to get to Thor. Thor finally believes his father is truly dead and goes home and sees Jane is nowhere to be seen, Thor knows that his brother has fooled him to being dead and relizes that Loki has become the new king of Asgard and knows he is using Jane to get to Him, Thor has his hammer, armor and cape all back on and is ready to return to Asgard to take Jane home and to end this battle in once in for all.
    Yes it’s long but I love the movies of Thor.

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  • Shonna Torres said

    I think u should make it where thor and Loki are friends again and have Jane with Loki but have him work on being the person that he once was and to show another side of him that ones seen i think u should make him king of Asgard and he needs to talk to his brother about why he had changed so my that he’s had been some one that’s not him but just emotion that should have been handled along time ago

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  • Megan Kathleen Gregory said

    Marvel’s official Thor 3 plot: Loki is still ruling under Odin’s disguise, and Loki’s 15 year old daughter Hela has come to see Thor as she deeply misses Frigga after her death and misses the rest of her family. It is only when Surtur and the fire demons attack Asgard then Midgard does Thor find out his brother is still alive. Before the attack, Hela teleports to the corridors of the Asgardian palace when she spots Thor. She approaches him and he tells her she isn’t safe as a fire demon has been spotted approaching the kingdom. She doesn’t understand. That is when it’s too late and they land outside on the ground; the fire demon crashed through part of the palace walls and that’s when Hela tells Thor that she can still feel her father is alive and Thor heads in pursuit of his brother. After been taken care of by Sif, and The warrior’s Three, Hela goes to the gardens to reflect on past events. Only then does she feel the strong presence of her father behind her and he threatens her saying “Well well well. You’re coming with me daughter.” Then he hypnotises her into becoming the pure evil that she is known for. And I can’t tell you the rest it spoils it but it’s awesome!

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    • Miranda Reed said

      Dear Megan Kathleen Gregory,

      Hi my name is Miranda Reed. Do you work for Marvel’s Studios? Just curious that’s all really!

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  • Jessica said

    I think the Thor 3 movie should be published sooner. Before the avengers even. Its not like the movies are in one series they are different. I think the should continue how they left it at the end. Giving the weird dude the thing (sorry I can’t think of name) he even says “One down five to go.” They should keep that story line. I also think Loki should be in it too. Lots of Loki :).

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  • Rose moss said

    I really like Thor sequel 2 Dark World and can not wait for sequel 3. I really hated to see Odin queen killed off, but in the movie when the guard was returning from the dark world,wasn’t a switch made with Loki and the guard because I saw the glimpse of green. Which hinted that Loki had made a switch. I do. Really wish that the 3rd Thor comes out before 2016. I think Thor is just so sexy and handsome. Loki is good looking too in his bad boyish manner.Excellent movie.

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  • Codie Ramshaaw said

    I’m a massive Loki fan girl. What Can I say I like the villains I always have. I think Thor 3 should be based more about Loki I mean in Thor and Thor 2 he isn’t really shown in it a great deal… so I think Thor 3 should be based more on Loki and how he has betrayed Thor etc etc. rather it being more on Thor and his relationship with Jane -_-

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