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Rant: Ben Stiller’s Product Placement

He’s the worst I’ve seen. The stuff for Costco and 3D in The Watch was eye-rolling. The Heartbreak Kid was awful for Subway and others:

“I have a couple Subway sandwich shops in the Oxford area.”
“And we’re about to open up a third on Route 122.”
“We find if you keep the tuna fresh, they’ll keep coming back.”
Stiller: “At Subway. Oh, I love Subway.”

Now ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’ is in danger of being blighted by the pervasive and in-your-face placement for eHarmony. It’s in TWO of their handful of clips:

eHarmony: “We have a pretty intricate matching algorhythm that distinguishes us from other online dating services.”
Stiller: (nodding) “Yeah I like that.”

How many further scenes will there be of Stiller using eHarmony’s website? At least a couple, based on the conversations above.

I know it goes on in almost all big movies. Brad Pitt’s encounter with a Pepsi vending machine during the climax of World War Z this year was embarrassing. But no actor seems to embrace it in such an awkward verbal way.

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  • G said

    Wayne’s World did product placement best

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  • dnwilliams said

    I actually don’t mind this stuff at all so long as it doesn’t feel intrusive or awkward. I have a high tolerance for it, I’m well aware others have a low tolerance. He’s only have made up a dating site otherwise, and the dialogue would be pretty similar.

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  • gd smith said

    The problem is that it now cost more to make big American movies than the stuios can recoup without product placement. Ben Stiller is no worse than the big superhero franchise. Man of Steel at various points resembled a set of adverts fashioned into a film.
    Personally, product placement annoys me, but then again I think most mainstream hollywood movies are little more than product these days.

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  • twaddington said

    I saw a preview screening of this on Monday. The product placement truly is the worst I’ve ever seen. Not just e-harmony, Papa Johns also makes several appearances. At one point Mitty says something that could possibly be interpreted as slightly negative about them and then Wiig’s character asks ‘as a customer, is there anything I should be concerned about?’- to which Mitty clarifies he’s not complaining about Papa Johns. Couldn’t believe my ears. I’d actually say it’s the worst film I’ve seen this year even without the product placement.

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