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10 Movie Facts That Are Hard To Believe – Part III

Top Movie Facts (Hard To Believe)I’ve been collecting these. Double-take movie facts that are often buried deep in an article, usually in a throwaway line that provides more food for thought than the article itself. Here we go.

– Christoph Waltz is the only actor to have won an Oscar for a Quentin Tarantino film.

– Mila Kunis dated Macaulay Culkin for 9 years.

Eyes Wide Shut took longer to film than the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy. (15 months)

Stoker was written by the star of Prison Break, Wentworth Millar.

– There are two Napoleon Dynamites (well, two Mr.Heders) –
Top Movie Facts

– Stephen Baldwin turned down the lead role in Speed. (He felt the part was too similar to Die Hard‘s John McClane).

– Reclusive Terrence Malick is a huge fan of Zoolander. Colleagues say he watches it regularly and loves to quote it. Ben Stiller once dressed up in character and recorded him a special birthday video message.

– Bridget Fonda has turned down every movie role for the last 12 years, and married Danny Elfman.
Top Movie Facts

– Warren Beatty and Shirley MacLaine are brother and sister.

– Until Daniel Day Lewis, no actor or actress had ever won an Academy Award for a performance directed by Steven Spielberg.

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  • Paul De Georgio said

    Johnny Depp was once tagged to star as Spider-man, directed by James Cameron.

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  • Peter Faulkner said

    Lou ferigno is the voice of the hulk in all three movies ie “hulk”, the Incredible Hulk & the avengers!!

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  • davy francis said

    Charles Dance (Game of Thrones) appears as a henchman in the James Bond movie, ‘For your eyes only’.

    The actress who played Rosa Kleb in ‘From Russia with love’ was married to Curt Vile(he wrote ‘Mack the Knife’.

    Ian Fleming’s mother had a child with Augustus John, the artist.

    Ian Fleming and Christopher Lee were cousins.

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    • Mark said

      Kurt Weil, not Curt Vile. Her name is Lotte Lenya. Weil wrote the music for Threepenny Opera (the main character was Mack the Knife). The words were written by Bertold Brecht.

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  • Krish said

    Dougray Scott was originally cast as Wolverine before having to back out; the role was recast with Hugh Jackman and launched his career in the US.

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  • Krish said

    OJ Simpson was the original choice for “The Terminator,” before James Cameron ultimately decided that audiences would never believe that Simpson could be a killer.

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  • No-one in particular said

    On the set of one of his movie, Adam Sandler stepped in some dog poo. The dogs owner was disgusted and quickly scraped Adam off her dogs poo.

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  • Cammy Mc said

    Did you guys forget Whoopi Goldberg’s win for The Color Purple Directed By Steven Spielberg?

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  • Cammy Mc said


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  • Mr4theLulz said

    In Hound of the Baskervilles starring Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee, the tarantula that crawls down Lee’s arm is real. Lee was deathly afraid of spiders and the director, knowing this, didn’t tell him they’d be using a real tarantula. Lee’s terror in the scene is genuine.

    In Fellowship of the Rings, in the climactic battle scene between the Oruk-Hai and Aragorn, when Aragorn stabs the High Orc in the leg, the following scene is real. The actor playing the High Orc stumbled and accidentally threw the dagger at Viggo Mortensen’s head. Mortensen’s combat training kicked in and he knocked the dagger out of the air with his sword. That’s not CGI. You’re actually seeing broken bits of the dagger flying off the end of the sword.

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  • Shawnc said

    The guy who played Will Smith’s uncle on Fresh Prince was the voice of the Shredder on the Ninja Turtles cartoon.

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