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Top 10 Best Dramas Of 2013

5. Spring Breakers

Good Dramas 2013 Movies
Like Luis Buñuel hitting big by packing Catherine Deneuve off to a Parisian cathouse, Harmony Korine finally scored at the box office by casting a trio of wholesome former teen stars (plus his missus) in a tale of college girls going wild in Florida.

James Franco starred as gold-toothed, gun-fellating wigga Alien, while one of the movie’s underlying narrative currents also found expression in Chan-wook Park’s Stoker and Ridley Scott’s The Counselor, as female characters were shown beating bad men at their own games of life and bloody, brutal death.

4. The Great Beauty

Tackling big themes with a bullish relish all too rarely seen on the big screen these days, The Great Beauty was the kind of stylistically rich character study familiar to fans of director Paolo Sorrentino.

Unfolding in Rome, the Eternal City, the looseness of the story was counterpointed by the purpose and pathos provided by Sorrentino’s Consequences of Love and Il Divo star Toni Servillo; as the cynical writer rediscovering the pleasure and pain of a life worth living, the actor was as irresistible as a greasy kebab after a night on the tiles.

3. The Counselor

Panned flop that it was, it was hard to escape the feeling that if The Counselor had been a foreign language flick featuring a cast of unknowns, it might have got a far easier time from the critics.

With its galaxy of big names outfitted in almost sci-fi bizarre designer duds, the drama regularly tipped off into oblique camp. The script from Cormac McCarthy, meanwhile, saw one of the most revered writers on the planet flipping the bird to just about every staple of the how-to screenwriting industry – especially the bit about why it’s probably not a great idea to have your leading lady hump a car hood.

2. In the House

2013 delivered a twofold treat for fans of François Ozon, as the French filmmaker dished up a double-helping of brilliant big screen dramas. Second of the pair, the rather rude Jeune et Jolie, certainly made an impression – but first proved best, in the shape of In the House, a smart intrigue which saw a world-weary teacher sparring with his scheming star pupil.

1. Blue Jasmine

If last year’s To Rome with Love was fun but forgettable Woody, then Blue Jasmine offered a similar mix of drama, comedy and satire that characterised such past Allen master classes as Hannah and Her Sisters.

In the title role, Cate Blanchett took the plaudits and remains ready to scrap it out with Sandra Bullock for this year’s Best Actress Oscar. But the whole cast was pretty fabulous: from Sally Hawkins as the put-upon sister, to Alec Baldwin as the Madoff-alike shark, to A Serious Man’s Michael Stuhlberg – playing the biggest disgrace of a big screen dentist since Steve Martin wielded his drill in Little Shop of Horrors.

There you have it. What did you think were the best dramas of 2013? Let us know in the comments.

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  • G said

    The Place Beyond the Pines was awful. I barely could make it to end as it was longer than the last ice age. Lucky my provisions lasted and I didn’t have to resort to cannibalism.

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    • Sheridan Passell said
      Sheridan Passell

      I have to admit I liked The Place Beyond The Pines, the structure was something different and experimental and I appreciated that. There’s no doubt the last section wasn’t as good as the previous two, not least because it lost the star power, but at that point I was invested enough to be interested. I did watch it over a couple of days, kinda like someone would read a novel, so maybe all in one sitting might have been a bit much.

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      • Paul Martin said

        The simple but rather substantial problem was that the first bit was good, the middle bit was all right, and the last bit was a one-way ticket to Snoozeville. It felt like Derek Cianfrance had quietly snuck out without finishing the film, instead just letting it run and run and run, in some hilarious jape against we poor saps in the audience.

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  • JP said

    Philomena. Best drama of the year. Best film of the year. Bar none.

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