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Upcoming DC Movies – 2014 & Beyond

New: Upcoming DC Movies 2014 (List)(inc. Animated) Release Dates Marvel is confidently penning its busy schedule of movies for the next few years, but what of its arch comic book rival DC? The movie output certainly hasn’t been as large so far but there are a number of future DC comics films already confirmed, and others rumoured.

And it’s not all Superman, either. So here are the upcoming DC movies of 2014 and beyond (we’ll round-up TV and animated movies at the end too), there’s more hope than expectation right now that’s for sure.

Batman vs Superman – May 6, 2016
Upcoming DC Movies 2014

Possibly the biggest DC movie on everyone’s lips right now, ‘Man of Steel 2′ is set to pit Superman against the Dark Knight himself. Ben Affleck will be playing an aged, Frank-Miller-Dark-Knight-Returns-esque Batman in Zack Snyder’s ‘Man of Steel’ sequel, while Henry Cavill will return as Clark Kent. Didn’t think that having two of DC’s biggest heroes in one movie was enough? Gal Gadot (‘The Fast and the Furious’ series) has also been confirmed for the role of Wonder Woman. Meanwhile, Jeremy Irons has been cast as Alfred and, controversially, Jesse Eisenberg (‘The Social Network’) will play Lex Luther. Chris Nolan will be involved again, but to a lesser extent than in the original ‘Man of Steel’. While filming has already commenced, the movie has now been pushed back from 2015 to 2016.

Wonder Woman – TBA
2014 DC Movies

Wonder Woman has been high on the list of wanted DC movies, and things are certainly looking hopeful. When Gal Gadot signed on for ‘Man of Steel 2′, she inked a deal for three movies. Given this, it seems pretty likely that we’ll see at least one standalone Wonder Woman movie in the future, providing Gadot does enough to impress in Batman vs Superman. After all, Warner Bros. has already stated that it sees Wonder Woman as a big name it would like to develop, so what’s stopping it?

Justice League – 2017?
New DC Comics Movies 2014

A Justice League movie has been in the pipeline for a long time. Before the writers strike in 2007, Warner Bros. had confirmed it was working on the ensemble adaptation, but since then the movie has been floating around with no firm commitments. With The Avengers and its upcoming sequel, there’s clearly a case for WB to make the Justice League movie in spite of its inevitable costs, and the latest rumour is that it will be filmed after Batman vs Superman. Interestingly, speculation has begun that Ben Affleck could even direct the Justice League movie himself. He was, after all, offered to direct a previous Justice League movie… A 2017 release date is rumoured, but really it’s anyone’s guess.

Sandman – TBA
Upcoming DC Films

Adapting Neil Gaiman’s comic book classic, Sandman, was never going to be an easy task – but Joseph Gordon-Levitt may be the one to accomplish it. After a number of rejected scripts, Gordon-Levitt has confirmed that he will be producing the film alongside David Goyer and Neil Gaiman. They’re currently looking for someone to write the script, with no release date penned as of yet. Gaiman has held very high standards for the screenplay, rejecting a number of previous attempts, and we’d expect that production won’t get underway until someone finally gets it perfect. Still, this is the most positive movement towards a potential film that Sandman has made yet.

Green Lantern (Reboot) – TBA
DC Animated Movies 2014

If you felt underwhelmed by ‘Green Lantern’, you definitely weren’t alone. But the good news is that Warner Bros. may abandon a sequel and focus on a reboot. ‘Oblivion’ director Joseph Kosinski was one name rumoured to be under consideration for the task but nothing serious has been said by Warners. However, if we’re going to get a Justice League movie, there’s a very good chance that Green Lantern will be included, which could help kickstart the franchise again.

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Upcoming DC Movies 2014

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  • dnwilliams said

    I’m really looking forward to the Flash TV show.

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    • Sheridan Passell said

      Isn’t CW superhero stuff pretty bad though?

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      • mike said

        Actually CW has done a great job with Green Arrow making it more dark like Oliver always has been. I honestly enjoyed Smallville but that was pre-superman Clark so I can see how it could seem cheesy to some comic fans! Don’t forget btw that they also have the GOTHAM CITY show (which has been said will feature super-villains origins)I honestly look forward to The Flash show the dude they had play Barry was perfect for the role (with his flirty yet intelligent personality he portrayed was very Flash like!

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  • Javonte said

    DC really needs to have Grant Gustin

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  • lens said


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  • prawnjump said

    can see how bad they messed up since there are no dc comics movies in 2014 only animated ones and maybe nothing next year either :/ their rival M have been organized for years. for shame dc

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    • kia said

      I feel the same way. Dc is behind M in the movie department. When they have so many blazing characters.

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  • Melvin peters said

    Why do dc comic feel the need to have superhero’s cursing in the movies.?

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