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Jesse Eisenberg Will Be Lex Luthor In Batman vs. Superman

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The secret’s out. Jesse Eisenberg will be playing Lex Luthor in Zack Snyder’s as-yet-untitled Batman vs. Superman movie. Rumour had Mark Strong and Walter White (sorry, I meant Bryan Cranston) in the running, but for some reason Warner Bros. want Mark Zuckerberg. Actually, Mark Zuckerberg is the perfect choice for a monomaniacal super-villain hell-bent on enriching himself by subjugating the people of Earth and destroying all that is good and right. In other news, don’t forget to ‘like’ us on Facebook.

No word yet on whether Eisenberg will sacrifice his gorgeous curly locks for the role. But if Christian Bale can gain and lose life-threatening amounts of weight for three separate parts, I’m sure ol’ Jesse will take one for the team.

Also, for added “oh, they chose that guy?”, Jeremy Irons will be Alfred to Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne. Simon Gruber making tea for the guy who wasn’t Will Hunting? Yes please, Hollywood!

Sources: Businesswire, Variety

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  • lens said

    Why not a bald Denzil Washington???
    The director has already made a mockery of the cast…in the B grade…man of sheet

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    This is obviously extremely influenced by the Heath Ledger casting. Rather than pick a Mark Strong or Bryon Cranston when you pretty much know exactly what to expect, they cast a young “hot” actor who’s never done a villain role before. Then when he unleashes it it’ll be a talking point for being something new and unexpected. The Social Network does have moments of megalomania to build off. But the director here is Zack Snyder, someone who hasn’t been great with character, not Chris Nolan so it represents a massive gamble. Zuckerberg has no menace about him, certainly not physically, so unless they can really tap into a different side it will backfire horribly. Personally I’m glad it’s not Strong or Cranston, this makes it more interesting – whether it will work is 50/50.

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  • John D. WIlson said

    I can’t see Zuckerberg as Lex Luthor.
    Atleast Bryon Cranston looks like he can play a character who is intelligent, evil, and intimidating.
    As for Mark Zuckerberg I’ll have to believe it when I see it.

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