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Need For Speed 2 – Sequel Plans

Need For Speed 2 - Sequel (Movie)

Need for Speed has arrived in cinemas, hoping it can ride on the success of its video game namesake. But what are the prospects of a sequel, and what can we expect to see if Need for Speed 2 happens?

Video game movies have got a bad reputation, and for good reason – only a tiny number have managed to score. With Aaron Paul’s name on the bill, there were high hopes that Need for Speed, based on Electronic Arts’ video game, could break the mould. However even Paul couldn’t drive the big numbers to US cinemas on opening weekend.

[Update: (July 2014) Need for Speed finished up with $43m at the US box office, from a budget of $66m. Not impressive. However, it did very well internationally, with a further $159m. Bear in mind international is less important than US because of the way ticket sales get divided up.

Home video / download figures are notoriously hard to come by but indications are it’s doing very well. Audience feedback is unexpectedly strong too, with high average ratings on the likes of iTunes and IMDB.

Taking all these factors together it would be fairly surprising if Dreamworks doesn’t greenlight a Need for Speed sequel quite soon.]

**SPOILERS AHEAD** Dominic Cooper, who plays Dino Brewster in the film, has said he’d like to return. “I hope so,” he said when asked if another film will happen. “I’m sure that’s their plan, to make a successful franchise out of it.” Cooper also teased that we might even see Dino escape from prison in order to make an appearance in the next movie. “I was meant to die at the end, but when I realised I wasn’t falling off the cliff any more, I thought, ‘Maybe I could come back’. But I’ve gone to jail for a very long time… Maybe I’ll escape.”

The film also ends with Tobey (Paul) being released from jail, meaning his character could easily cross over into the next movie if it happens. **SPOILERS END**

Perhaps some more reliable indicators of a sequel come from the film’s screenwriter George Gatins. He’s hinted that Need for Speed 2 could see hell unleashed on Europe. “I’ve kind of joked that I want the opening of the sequel to take place in Sweden and in the Koenigsegg factory, and one shot,” he said. “I want a Koenigsegg being completely put together, so that people know that it’s actually a $2.3 million dollar car, and then take it out onto some highway and just destroy it. Just to put it all to bed, like this is what we’re gonna be doing.”

He went on: “We’ve talked about the idea in a second movie, because the video game lives in North America, and we’ve even said to EA, ‘Look, you know, if we make a second movie, don’t you think we should take it overseas?’ And we were a little worried that they might be like, “No, it has to live in the world of the game.” But they were like, ‘No, let’s do it.'”

Gatins further added that EA might end up creating a game based on a Need for Speed movie sequel, rather than vice versa. “Why not take it to Dubai and Paris, and race cars 180 miles an hour through the streets of Paris?”

[Update: (April 2015) A sequel is now in development, set partly in China, as part of a deal with a Chinese financier (the same partner who helped Paramount make Transformers: Age of Extinction). Chinese actors would be added to the supporting cast too. EA is closely involved. Whether this makes it to green light status we’ll have to wait and see.]

What would you like to see happen in Need For Speed 2? Should it go to Europe? Which cars need to feature? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Tyler said

    First of all I’d like to say Need for Speed was an AMAZING movie, I personally rated it 10/10 before the movie was even over, I want to say it’s better than The Fast & the Furious but I cant’t because The Fast & the Furious is The Fast & the Furious. I personally would LOVE to see another Need for Speed & I will deffinetly be going to see it the first night it’s released. I would like to see the movie take place in Paris personally. As long as you guys make an amazing sequel it should be well, amazing! Great job on the film & can’t wait for a sequel!

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    • tony marshall said

      I think they should make need for speed and the fast and furious get combined in someway that the story could be good and make tobey marshall (Aaron Paul) the next kind of Brian O’conner (Paul Walker) I know that he could never replace Walker but I think it will be a good idea to combine both movies and make one

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    • tinashe said

      Fast and furious has turned into an action movie with cars ,rather than a movie about cars. Need for speed was great it was on point ,they showed great car races ,was on the edge of my seat, for the first time in my life i wanted a mustang. Standing ovation to NEED FOR SPEED

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      • Elides said

        A sequel is a must see they need to make it its going to be great to follow with a fast and the furious type of future sequals these movies will always have a gigantic following .I am looking foward to see Need for Speed 2.

        I would love to see restomods going againts exotic cars and see how the compete in a fast and furious type setting they should.

        The next plot would be amazing if they go to mount kisco new york and decide to help a friend that is in trouble with some car thieves that are mob connected and are using cars to smuggle drugs in and out of Mexico but if they get caught there friend will pay the price. So it would be a life or death race with high speed chases and lots of action . Exotics would look awsome being chased by special modified police cars.

        I think Need for Speed has the potential to be one of the Highest grossing films of all time with the right cast and a powerful heart drive story that draws you in. It can not only be about the cars that is why i liked the first one so much it was driven by the Death of pete who he loved like a brother. The next one should have an emotional connection as well the cars will also be very important in the film but they can only take you so far. I cant wait for the next one.

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  • Michael said

    I hope so, after reading this, it would be interesting to see a sequel. I went and had a chance to watch this tonight, I didn’t have high hopes because it was a video game movie, but it absolutely blew my mind. My heart was racing the entire time. Critics don’t like this movie, and yeah it may not have killed at the box office. But if there were to be another one, I would go to see it in a heartbeat.

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    • rondo said

      Yes, a sequel in Europe, through the Alps, in Germany would be great. I’m going back this weekend to see it in 3D.

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  • matthew said

    I would like to see a big crash and toby marchell to survive and a 50 lap race and the big crash come in the middle of the 50 lap race. If paul walker was still alive i would of loved to seen him in it. I would love to see people being shot dead but still keep it 12a.

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  • james said

    I think they should make a need for speed underground next seeing that they have just got out of jail and they want to keep a low profile. The movie was great but i don’t want to see million dollar cars, i want to see realistic car that have been tuned… even a couple concept cars thrown into the movie such as the Nissan IDX. The team are custom mechanics lets put their customs skills to the test.

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  • DaveG said

    Amazing movie! Aaron Paul is an awesome actor. I definitely would love to see a need for speed sequel. Dont care what cars; as long as theyre fast. Location doesnt matter either. Just bring on another need for speed. With Aaron Paul for sure.

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  • Ryan said

    Need for Speed was pure. The tiny first person details are things only a real driver would see and understand. If you play it safe on the road and follow the Speed limit this movie is not for you. Down shifting in a corner and pulling thee brake to take it is something most people won’t do. This is for the people who aren’t afraid to take it to the limit, the “mavericks” of the road. an f-18 fighter pilot can’t relate to most people on this planet, neither can a street racer

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  • jono distefano said

    im hopeing there will be a 2nd need for speed movie since i just saw it and it’s very intense. it would be cool to see the same actors return and especally the blonde chic from Fright Night as well….

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  • Jered M said

    I Think this franchise will grow its legs when it comes out on Blu Ray. I personally loved the movie. I would go see a Need For Speed sequel for sure.

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  • Saul Garcia said

    I really enjoyed the movie, i´m a Big Fan, i just hope to see cars like, the Porsche 918, laferrari or ferrari 458 Italia, lamborghini Egoista (that would be amazing), the Mercedes Benz AMG Vision GT Concept, Toyota Ft-1. I´ll be looking forward to the 2nd part whenever it comes out.

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  • Nicholas Contreras said

    From what I have seen in the movie, I would rate the movie 10/10 because there was so much excitement. I love how Tobey, Aaron Paul, was on the look out for Dino to win for Justice. I love how the storyline flowed and all the super cars they have in the movie. One car I would want to see come in the second movie would be a Bugatti Vittesse, and a Hennessy Venom GT. Those are by far the fastest cars I know. On the other hand, it was a jaw-dropping and eye-popping movie. Again 10/10 on an excellent movie that was based on a game.

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  • Orkevia McGowan said

    I think they should do it and they should use aaron paul as the main character ofcourse

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  • Brittany Sparka said

    I just got home from seeing this movie! I have been playing nfs since the game originaly came out and have loved it ever since. Im a race car video game kind of girl and I love sports car in real life! So of course when I heard this movie was coming out I was totally excited! It doesn’t have a super complicated plot full with stupid drug cartels or gangs. Who cares what the critics say, I loved this movie and all of its fast driving. I hope for a sequel.

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  • .... said

    I wanted 2 c d film takin’ place in tokyo 🙂

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  • Jamie said

    Money is all that matters when it comes to a sequel and it made over 100 million more then the budget so I see it happening.

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  • Ismail said

    I get the whole Europe vibe. But movies have been made in Europe (Ronin), countless in USA (F&F), Japan (Tokyo Drift), etc.

    How’s about an exotic location, hmmm… lets say Monaco. The recipe is tantalizing, with all the right ingredients ! We see the F 1 cars doing their paces on the streets of Monaco, but what about these super cars. Movie was awesome, BUT maybe next time throw in a Ferrari for example, since it is more of a production car, more mainstream, than say the Bugatti which was made in limited numbers.

    I get that the Mustang is the icon, or benchmark rather, for the US, but why no Corvette or Viper ?? I mean, those are strong contenders too, since the movie was shot in the US of A, no ?

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    • Mance Alvarado said

      at first I thought this movie was going to bomb but after seeing it I was blown away myself I believe that they make a lot of money off this franchise I hope they keep it going kinda makes me wish I didn’t wait for it to come out on DVD if there’s another one I will be first in line see it great movies good job guys

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    • Chevy said

      Coming from a huge fan of Furious this movie definately made a mark, if seen a lot of lower end cars over the years its time they but some exotic cars. The story line was great, it definately has potential. Looking back at the first F&F from civics and jettas to whatever comes next. Good start to a good seried

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