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Is There Going To Be A Captain America 3? Release Date & Spoilers

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is out and impressing critics everywhere, but what do we know about Captain America 3 and when can we expect to see it?

After an astonishing record-breaking $96.2 million opening weekend for The Winter Soldier, Marvel announced with great confidence that Captain America 3 will hit cinemas on May 6, 2016 – the same date as Batman vs Superman. That means we’ll next see Steve Rogers in The Avengers: Age of Ultron, which arrives next year.

Marvel President Kevin Feige also confirmed that Joe and Anthony Russo, who directed The Winter Soldier, will be back to direct the third movie in the Captain America franchise.

Winter Soldier screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, meanwhile, have said that they’ve actually been working on Captain America 3 since last year, though they’re still in the earl days of writing. They’ve also read Joss Whedon’s script for Avengers: Age of Ultron, and seem to be pretty happy about the direction it’s taking the Captain.

“It’s coalescing into the movie it’s supposed to be,” said Markus. “We now have an embarrassment of interesting characters to deal with, so… you’ve got to make a plot that’s going to get everybody in motion and yet keep Cap at the center.”

** SPOILERS AHEAD ** As for the specifics of that the plot might entail, Winter Soldier directors, the Russo brothers, have said “The most that we can say about it at this point is that Bucky’s story is not finished. It’s an introduction to Bucky’s story. So if you want to guess at what that movie will be about… you can assume this will be a continuation of that story.”

In the comic series, Steve Rogers actually dies and is replaced by Bucky Barnes – could the Russos be subtly hinting that we’ll see this happen soon? By the end of The Winter Soldier, Barnes is primed and ready to discover more about himself, so we can expect to see much more of him in the next film. Interestingly, Sebastian Stan, who plays Bucky, has signed on for seven more films.

The fact that Chris Evans has recently expressed a desire to wind down his film work further suggests that the torch may soon be passed onto Bucky, though with two films left in his contract it’s likely that Evans won’t take a bow until Avengers 3. Bringing Sharon Carter and Crossbones into the fold for The Winter Soldier also hints at The Death of Captain America’s comic book arc.

We’re certainly sure to see plenty more of HYDRA in the next Captain movie, strongly hinted at by the mid-credits sequence that introduced Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, one of the organisation’s leaders. Strucker will be a secondary villain in Avengers: Age of Ultron. ** END SPOILERS **

What would you like to see in Captain America 3? Would it be too early to wind down the story of Steve Rogers? And which villain(s) would you like to make an appearance? Let us know below.

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  • Brian said

    I think he should just take some time off. I’m not a fan of killing his character, but that being said, SHEILD is really good at making people appear dead. It woud be nice to be introduced to Carol Danvers (pre Ms. Marvel)or if they head to the EU a Captain Brit/ Union Jack. Also, it would be interesting to catch a glimpse of The Watcher in the Avengers/Guarians movies.

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  • Dominick Mezzapesa said

    Stop with the Chris Evans has recently expressed a desire to wind down filming…he mentioned he would like to go into directing and all the moron writers cried he was quitting…of course they never report that he came back later and said he is NOT quitting acting but again he wants to direct also

    But lets ignore facts since they don’t fit into your story

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    • Sheridan Passell said

      “Wind down” doesn’t mean quit. It means slow down. Which he would have to do if he went into directing. Acting jobs take 2-4 months, directing jobs take 1-2 years.

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  • Observer said

    Wouldn’t mind some Baron Zemo or possibly Taskmaster if we’re pitching future villains, or a helping of Modok or cyborg Arnim Zola.

    Would also enjoy a Cap/Black Panther team-up at some point before they retire Evans as Cap, if that is what they are planning to do.

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  • nunya said

    Whaaaah im in some of the best selling movies of all time and am no longer in hack movies and I want to go back to obscurity whaaaah

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  • Rocky said

    its to soon for that crap…besides,ROGERS didn’t die, he was left in a coma like state

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  • Dave said

    With Chris Evans taking a break soon and RDJ having an eye on the door, I think they might leave Bucky on the shelf for a bit and go for “Captain America: Civil War” ending with his death and perhaps a post-credits Bucky standing over his grave. It would then leave Chris with 1 more Marvel title to do per his contract, which could be for a series of flashbacks in a “Black Widow” solo movie. Wrapping “Civil War” into a CA-centric story fits in with the espionage theme that they seem to be going for with Winter Soldier, and sets RDJ up as head of SHIELD where he can be referenced to off-screen or appear in cameos. It would also be a strong opponent for Batman blows Superman in May ’16.

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  • craig said


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