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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Has A Secret X-Men Tease


If you’re heading out to see The Amazing Spider-Man 2 this week (or May 2 if you’re in the US) stick around after the credits start rolling – there’s a nice surprise about halfway through.

Sony has confirmed that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has a mid-credits teaser for X-Men: Days Of Future Past.

This is particularly intriguing as, while both are from the Marvel universe, Fox owns the movie rights to X-Men while Sony has the rights to Spider-Man, making it an unlikely crossover.

**SPOILER ALERT** The sequence is a clip taken straight from Days of Future Past which sees Mystique in a face off with William Stryker, with Toad, Havoc and a few other mutants showing up. **END SPOILER**

It’s unlikely we’ll see Spidey and the mutants come any closer than this any time soon, but it’s a nice touch that’ll be appreciated by Marvel fans. And the good news is that it appears the sting will show in all screenings of the movie around the world.

And who knows? Maybe one day we’ll finally see the web slinger and the X-men get a proper crossover. We can keep on dreaming.

Update: Turns out the reason the scene is there is because Fox forced it on Sony. Marc Webb was under contract to return to Fox but Sony wanted him to direct The Amazing Spider-Man 2. This was the trade-off. That’s why it doesn’t tie in. But hopefully the excitement this generates will encoruage them to go further next time.

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  • thommck said

    This really surprised me. Seems bizarre to have a trailer for a different company’s film as a mid-credits bonus.

    I waited around right until the final credits rolled on Spiderman 2 hoping for a Spiderman tease but I guess they gave all the Sinister Six stuff away in the first trailer.

    Sony really have an odd view of marketing.

    Film was great though ;)

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    • Sheridan Passell said

      It’s even more surprising to see you here Thom! How are you? The post has been updated, now the whole reasoning makes a bit more sense. Sorta.

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      • thommck said

        All good thanks Sheridan. Always lurking :)
        Your update explains a lot.

        Any ideas who Mr Fierce is? I thought there would be a lot more buzz about this and other Easter Eggs online but seems like only a handful of people have seen it so far.

        I expected the cinema to be packed (especially as it was an Orange Wednesday AND the half term holidays) but, apart from me and my 3 boys, there was only about 6 other people watching it!

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  • nick said

    yes and in Captain America: the winter soldier there were references to the x-men, fantastic 4, spiderman and DR Strange.

    there are always references in marvel movies

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