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Alien 5 – Sequel Plans

I don’t think it’s bad or biased journalism to say that anyone who has seen the film Alien and doesn’t think that it’s the greatest science fiction film ever made should be ceremonially tortured and thrown from a bridge.

Ridley Scott’s opus has been clinically tested to be made of pure awesome; so much so that James Cameron was inspired to make the sequel and Fox Studios still covets the franchise despite the lackluster 3rd and 4th installments.

alien 5 sequel rumors
Judging by their faces, this is a passion project.

And now, after critical and box office Alien failure for over a decade, Ridley Scott and Sigourney Weaver have been talking about potentially restarting the franchise by adding a new twist: Alien 5 might not feature any aliens.

Or rather, no Xenomorph, the iconic Geiger-created beast that drove the story of four films.

Sigourney Weaver: “We’d have to go back to the drawing board on [the alien]. Ridley said that right away when we first talked about [a fifth film]. …What we’re interested in is taking the character of Ripley and seeing what other science fiction story we can tell about someone who has lived several lives.”

The duo think there is plenty of character development left for Ripley. But after fighting off a hell beast, falling asleep for a generation and outliving her entire family, starting a NEW family after defeating an Alien army, losing that family in a space ship accident, giving host to an Alien in her stomach, dying, being resurrected in the far future, being genetically mixed with Alien DNA, having super powers, becoming a psychic, having group sex with a nest of Aliens, giving birth to an Alien/Human half-breed, then finally returning to Earth … one wonders what exactly is left to develop.

No matter. With Ridley involved and Weaver’s face on the poster, fans would turn out at theaters to gamble their ten dollars, this writer included.

alien 5 rumors ridley scott
Sigourney researches her character motivation for an upcoming scene.

It’s all just talk for now, and even if they put a proposal together there’s no guarantee Fox would want to do it.

What would you like to see happen in an Alien 5? Leave your comments below.

Source: MTV

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    This is the last great director who’s going to want to touch this franchise. Would you rather see Ridley Scott make The Kind One*, or Alien 5? It’s sci-fi for me.

    He better get a move on though. He’s 71.

    * The film is set in the 1930s Los Angeles and follows Danny Landon, an amnesiac who works for a violent mobster (a.k.a. “The Kind One”), while he falls in love with this man’s girlfriend.

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  • Adam Mason said

    Sorry, as much as I love the first two films, this horse has been beaten to death and dragged through the streets. Let it die now.

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    Don’t listen to him, ride that horse Ridley.

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  • Bystander said

    Just let it die. The first two were great, the third not so much but it tied up the story. The fourth one I don’t even want to get into (Winona Ryder? WTF…sorry, said I wouldn’t get into it) Even with Ridley Scott on board, it will never live up to it’s predecessor the way movies are “packaged” today. Now if he has an all original idea for a new film or franchise I would want to see it. However, Hollywood has no more original ideas, they just keep regurgitating the old crap over and over, and then whine about why theater ticket sales are down. So when a new, innovative idea comes along they try to fill it up with cliches and gimmicks which translates to “Take this original idea and dumb it down, then stuff it full of things we know sell and you’ve got a movie deal.” Sorry, bit of a rant there, what was the question?

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    • lightskin said

      The first 2 Alien movies were awesome..the other 2 were awful. Don’t make another sequel.

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      • Paul said

        Remember, other directors were at the helm for every other ‘Alien’, Ridley Scott only directed the original. James Cameron’s vision for ‘Aliens’ was the only one that did the franchise justice. If Ridley Scott and ONLY him were to direct A5, you know it would be true to the original idea. Sigourney HAS to play Ripley again but like someone else already said, both Weaver and Scott aren’t getting any younger so snap to it, hardcore ‘Alien’ fans would flock for miles.

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  • bradlee said

    I think they should jus give it a rest. no sense in trying to revive these films.. but the first three were pretty good

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    • Danny Weiner said

      Why dont they make the new movie take place Before ripley such as to explain the origin of the alien or have humans go to the Xeno home planet

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  • Brian Taylor said

    I have been a huge fan of the Alien films. The first was of course awesome….the second even better. The third…well not my favorite…mainly because they chose to kill off Ripley by impregnating her with the enemy she had been fighting. The fourth well it’s again not the best…but it did bring back Ripley…again…they did the unthinkable…made her part alien. I watched the Alien Vs Predator movies….the first was pretty good…the second…was ok. If they do make a fifth movie….it should be used to revive the series…to pass it on to another generation. I love Sigourney Weaver….and would like to see Ripley pass the reigns over to a new heroine. With the AVP movies…..you had no one from the first movie come back for the sequel…when like in video games we all like to have a hero/heroine that we can pull for….see them take on new enemies and fight the good fight. Look at Die Hard…the last one was by far I think the best in the series. Terminator….reinvents itself with every movie….and I look forward to the fourth movie.
    We all know that Ripley had a daughter…but no mention of if her daughter had any children…..it would be cool to have a new Ripley….and keep it in the family so to speak. I do hope they make the Alien: Colonial Marines game later this year. Regardless I will of course watch the next Alien movie or the next AVP movie, at least it’s good scifi. They could have made Species as good as Alien…the first was good….the second ok….but then they just ruined it. It’s hard to keep getting better when you keep changing everything about the movie series and just make a sequel to make a sequel. As long as it’s not released as “direct to video/dvd” then I think we should be ok…..since that essentially is the kiss of death for any movie franchise and doomed to become talked about with the “god…they put out another one” remark. Yeah I know…I’m rambling..lol. I’m watching the Alien “director’s cut” even as I type this.

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  • Dalmatianjaws said

    I think she went like 400 years into the future, unless they froze her daughter I think family is out of the question … unless it’s an ancestor.

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  • Tyler Lovemark said

    I really hope this gets done. As great as Blade Runner is, Alien is still Scott’s greatest movie ever. And I’d totally take a bullet for Sigourney Weaver. Ever since AvP started to screw up things worse than Resurrection, I’ve been waiting anxiously for a worthy entry in the series.

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  • Annette Sharp said

    The ONLY way to make “Alien-5” successful is to begin the film right where they left off on the second, “Aliens”. That means A-3 and A-Resurrection never happened….they were merely a mixture of disturbing dreams while in hypersleep. Didn’t Newt ask Ripley, “Can I dream…?” Dreams in hypersleep would be vivid, wild…but not real. Ripley, Newt, and Hicks go on with their lives. Everyone wants to see a happy ending! Not a dark, gloomy death of our favorite character!!! The film would need to portray the characters at their present age. No more far-fetched, ridiculous, unbelievable stories. We want something real here!!! But with this film, Newt, all grown up, will come to the rescue of Ripley…..she’ll say, ” ..get away from her you B—-!” Hicks will be involved, too. As a matter of fact, I like the idea of Ripley and Hicks getting together. In the extended version of “Aliens”, there is a chemistry and mild flirtation between the two. Would be great to see what way it would go. I’m telling you, this is the ONLY way I want to see the film. If I knew how to contact Ridley Scott, I’d tell him myself! Even my 80 year old, terminally ill mother stated once that she’d like to have seen how Ripley, Newt, and Hicks went on with their lives and tried to readjust after such horror. In REAL LIFE, that’s what happens. PTSD symptoms, etc. So, get real….we want a happy ending this time and retire our heroine!

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    • Billy said

      I totally agree with Annette , 3 and 4 were Bobby Ewing dreams , you must start at the end of 2 .

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  • Adam said

    Ripley’s daughter died aged 66 and had no children.

    I reall didn’t mind Alien 3 as a film, it brought back some of the horror of the original. Not just in monster terms, but horrifying events. She’s impregnated, Newt and Hicks dies and that scene when they perform an autopsy on Newt was harrowing.

    However as a continuation on the franchise it was underwhelming to say the least. Cameron detests 3, he set up a family torwards the end of Aliens only for it to be destroyed in the sequels opening scene. Although I didn’t want it to become the Waltons I do feel for him.

    I agree with whoever said three and four should be explained as vivid dreams, they were quite ridiculous in their concepts, especially resurrection which had a dreamlike quality to it anyway.

    I would have Darren Aronofsky direct and I would start 5 with the Sulaco docking at Earth. I would kill off Ripley straight away. 1. Because she is way to old to carry off an action film and 2. She is already ancient, the body may not be able to take that much cryofreeze especially as she had been drifting for 57 years beforehand. I would put Newt in a mental institute and I would have Hicks as the correspondent to the Colonial Marines as his body is too damaged from his acid burns to fight on the front lines. The story could just be another war story set in the franchise.

    No need for any aliens to be on the sulaco, the queen wouldn’t have been able to plant eggs without her sack and their are many planets in the system for the xenomorphs to be thriving. I would have ‘the pilots’ race as an extinct species that were wiped out by the aliens, which could actually been their creation in the first place. No need to put them in the film, don’t want to complicate matters.

    The overall thing I would want to see is the Aliens complete and utter savagery, they came across a bit pathetic in the AvP films and I want to get away from the man in the suit of the older films.

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  • Sassin said

    Well, Ripley is heading to Earth in the fourth film. Why not have the Company in a compound on Earth somewhere, cloning human/alien hybrids just like they did with Ripley? Of course, they are also cloning and breeding aliens for their weapons division because they’re greedy and immoral and amazingly stupid.

    There are two human/alien clone generations. Ones in their mid-twenties who are trained, very strong but obviously confused and strained, and children hybrids. All hell breaks loose in the compound,aliens escape, the human soldiers and guards are smacked down, Ripley appears with her band of misfits, the adult clones start kicking arse with her help,and try to save the children, but ultimately they are outnumbered so the Aliens still make to the nearest city. It’s up to the clones and Ripley to kill them and finish the aliens weapon programme once and for all.

    In the meantime, Ripley bonds, each adult clone discovers his/her purpose (gruesome), and perhaps their is some closure for Ellen.

    It was always been Ripley’s fear that the aliens would make it to Earth and now she has to face it. But at least she has some tougher allies this fifth round.

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  • Steven said

    I agree with what others said about Alien 5 starting where Aliens ended, they should have where Alien 3 and 4 were just freakish nightmares during hypersleep, Hicks, Ripley, Newt are rescued by Army, Air Force and Marine Special Operations, that repair Bishop and notify them that them and the Sulaco have been drifting in outer space for long duration of time. Then they are taken to a space station for rest and relaxation, afterward, the four iconic characters with endorsement from the US President and other free world leaders carry out a search and destroy mission along with a entire strike team of hundreds to thousands of Colonial Marines, Special Operations operatives and Intelligence Officers from Agencies like the CIA’S SAD to target and eliminate Weyland Yutani, and take the fight to the Xenomorphy home world to destroy them once and for all, which could be the plot for number 6.

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  • JJ said

    This movie needs to be made for several reasons. One, to revive Weaver’s career and let’s face it, Scott has not made anything worth of his Epic ‘Alien’. Scott seems pationate about this project and so does Weaver. Just one thing… No more Aliens, why can’t they make a movie about Ripley and some other creature that is worst than Aliens… Something worthy of a new collaboration…

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  • bradb said

    i think it needs aliens in it! no new ripley-stick with the one who knows ripley best, sigourney please please make this film

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  • Jay said

    Bring it on. Story should head back to LV426. There in the remains of the space traveller is a clue providing the whereabouts of a distant home planet of the Alien. The planet is nasty and uninhabitable (indicative of the aliens nature). The planet has remains (possibly weapons) of unsuccessful adversaries (ie predator and others). These weapons could be used in the hunt. Human nature drives the focus to kill. However, the Aliens drive is stronger.

    Agree with others. 3 and 4 should be nightmares like they were to most fans. Prestige and respect needs to be brought back to the franchise.

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