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Top 10 Most Ridiculous Sex Scenes

7th. Planet Terror


In the middle of a zombie apocalypse, and after narrowly avoiding being r*ped by Quentin Tarantino (ew), one-legged Rose McGowan chooses her moment to get it on with backflipping badass Freddy Rodriguez. Rodriguez may have less to work with, but he doesn’t mind. A very literal interpretation of getting a leg over.


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  • Simon Campbell said

    Nothing can top Howard The Duck. That sh*t was crazy.

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  • aziz said

    the final sex scene in soul plane when she was f***ing him on the plane tires

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  • han said

    but – but – watchmen! most bloody awful and daft sex scene of 2009. Or ever. 🙁

    ps howard the duck still wins though.

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  • David said

    The sex scene from meet the spartans makes fun at sex scenes from some movies

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  • Curroneus said

    Reno 911 The Movie had the most ridiculous-ly awesome Sex Scene in recent memory…

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  • chloe said

    Best movie sex scene. Troll 2 – Popcorn sex….that is all

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  • Tim H said

    Has anyone on this site seen Dead Snow? It’s a Norwegian zombie flick that has a ridiculous sex scene in a frozen outhouse. The ensuing zombie kills are uproarious!

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  • Nick Gilmartin said

    Decades ago there was a film called ‘The Tall Guy’ with Jeff Goldblum and Emma Thompson. In the process of a sex scene they completely trash an apartment. I mean totally.

    The film was sh*t apart from that.

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  • Rhi said

    Come on, you forgot A Fish Called Wanda. Kevin Kline smelling boots and talking Italian gibberish is awesome.
    Then there is the foreplay scene with John Cleese undressing in front of a family. Good stuff.

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  • Daniel Kurland said

    Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle. One of the best sex scene in movies, with a bag of weed. Classic!

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  • g.d.smith said

    Dracular. Keanu Reeves struggling not to succomb to three saucey vampires is priceless. The horror, the horror, the horror………

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  • Clint Barton said

    If anyone hasn’t seen The Room, they ought to seek it out.

    It’s the best worst film ever, and is so bad it’s hilarious. The movie’s sex scenes in particular are God-awful – 2 of them are actually the exact same scene repeated, and in some shots the male actor is so high up on the female actor it looks as though he is having sex with her belly button.

    Comedy Genius.

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  • Cee Jay said

    I know it’s not ridiculous but it is funny is the sex scene from Modern Problems when Chevy Chase who has been splashed with a small amount of nuclear waste, actually has sex with ex-girlfriend played by Patti D’Arbonville by just moving various parts of his body and without touching her he gives her a mammoth orgasm

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  • g d smith said

    Last Tango in Paris is pretty silly. How Brando can get so much action with that hair and still keep his trousers on is worth pondering.

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